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Sunday, April 4, 2010

My First Giveaway!!

As a thank you to anyone who has ever stopped in and taken a look at my blog and especially to those who have bothered to leave a comment and even more especially to those kind souls who have become my followers, I would like to host my first giveaway.   I have been rather overwhelmed by all the friendly people I have met since starting my blog this year, and the kind, sympathetic or hilarious words that have been left in comments and emails.
Since I received lots of curious questions about the alcohol inks, I thought they would be a good thing to giveaway so someone can try them out themselves.  This is the Nature Walk pack with Wild Plum, Butterscotch and Stream the colors included.  I'm also giving a beaded bead I made in spring like colors.  It's about the size of a fifty cent piece.  Then I tossed in a few lacy bits for good measure.  Are there supposed to be rules?  I'm not much into rules but I guess I need something here.  How about anyone who leaves a comment on this post will be put into the drawing for this giveaway.  That's it. Leave a comment.  I will draw a name on April 9th.  And thanks again for all who have extended the hand of friendship through this blog. 

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Marlene said...

Hi Jan, just got back from my daughters and read your kind comments on my blog, thank you. What fun a give-away. I'll keep my fingers crossed. That beaded bead is a real beauty.

audrey said...

Hi Jan. It was a gorgeous Easter Day that is now winding down and tomorrow begins another week in this new month of April. I hope you had a lovely day.
Alcohol Ink! That's a great item to be giving away; and your beaded bead is SO pretty.
I am crossing fingers AND toes!! Please count me in.
♥ audrey

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

woo hoo - alcohol inks! - and in colors I've never used! what fun.

...and your beaded bead is lovely - lots of details!

please toss my name in your cyber hat! ... and I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Queenmothermamaw said...

Oh Jan everyone is going to want this giveaway. I told you I had tried the print from a printer but I used different ink now and can't do it. I did not know you could get alcohol inks. This is great. Keeping all digits crossed. Blessings

sjmcdowell said...

Ooooh Wow!!
I would really like to try these alcohol inks in my journal spilling...:D
Please count me in Jan and thanks for you comments I appreciate hearing from you so much!!
Thank you dear friend.


Robbie said...

Well, how great are you to do this for your cyber friends! That's why we 'follow' you, Jan! love the bead!! Way too cool!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Comment....Comment...... LOL!!!
Heck yes, put my name in the hat!!!
And if I win, I promise I won't drink the alcohol inks! :D
Though it would be amusing to use them on my teeth before a dental cleaning.
Glad you're out here Jan!


maggi21 said...

I'd love to be included Jan. It has been so nice meeting you. What a great place blogland is.

Ces said...

Good grief! I may end up drinking the alcohol inks!

Oh Jan if you are an art slut, what am I? My house is a mess right now but it is a colorful mess for I am about to set up another easel. Have a great day Jan.

Beadwright said...

Hey Jan, how could I NOT join in on your first giveaway? Here is my comment so please put my name in your hat. Oh by the way I found a photo of Mya my pit. Will post it later today.
Have a great day

Tam Hess said...

What fun! You are so sweet. Thanks for hosting a giveaway. Your blog rocks. :)

Marie S said...

What a great giveaway Jan.
Hope you had a wonderful weekend.
Have a great week too!!
Love and hugs.

Doreen said...

Please enter me!! I would love to try out those alcohol inks.

gypsylulu said...

OMG!...What a fabulous giveaway!..
I would love it if you will toss my name in the hat, Jan!
thanks for your sweet words on my means a lot...
hugs, gypsy

BTW....I'm loving the beautiful bead!

Lisa Criswell / Indigo's Beads said...

what a neat thing to host a giveaway! the beaded bead is really pretty, too...and who doesn't like a little lace? i can't wait to see who wins. alcohol inks are so much fun. i hope whoever wins them has a great time using them.

linny said...

Really love that beautiful bead. I don't know that we have those alcohol inks here in Australia, would love to try them out

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Jan,
How very sweet of you to have such a generous giveaway.
Please add my name into the hat.
hey, I'm with Linny, never seen anything like this down here in Oz.