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Friday, May 29, 2015

It's been awhile

Worth Having
It has been awhile since my last blog post; six months or more.I hadn't intended to stop blogging, it just sort of happened for no particular reason.  So this is a catch up post, just a little bit.  Above shows a cat mixed media piece I did on a piece of foam core board.  It was fun, I am pleased with how it turned out.

The Wild Horse In Us
I continued in the same vein and created this horse mixed media piece on a card board mailing envelope.  Again, I was rather pleased with it.  Both of these are given away.
Walking the Dogs
 I've also been working in this altered book, the title of which seemed very appropriate, "The Girl In The Woods".  I used a home made stencil on the right hand side, above.
The Only Thing Necessary
 I continue to enjoy using quotes in my art.
The Depth of Winter
 Using a different color palette than I used to, more muted colors.
The key to happiness: Simplify.
Bound By The Beauty
Alternatively working in my Strathmore mixed media journal. 
 Just fooling around and having fun.
Enjoy the Journey
 This one is dedicated to my maternal grand parents, that's them in the photos, and my Mom is the little girl.
Family: Aunt Bertha
 Another different direction is this one I finished last week.  The woman in the photo is my great great Aunt Bertha.  I cropped the photo to use it, her dress was so beautiful, she must have been pretty classy.  No one is named Bertha these days it seems.
Close up showing some of the fun embellishments I used.

Somewhere along the way I acquired two new pets, a cat, Tigger and a dog, Gunnar.

I wasn't looking for new pets, they just adopted me, coming over from the new next door neighbors.
Roscoe and Windy both love Gunnar too, and Charlie cat tolerates Tigger.  It is so much fun watching Gunnar play with Roscoe, he is so gentle with him.  He is a big sweet beautiful dog.  I feel a little safer on my walks now, I think the coyotes are keeping their distance a bit.

That isn't all I've done since my last post, but that's enough for now.  I have appreciated the people who told me they missed my blog posts.  Thanks for noticing!  Till next time,
Be Well.