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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Autumn Rhodedendron

Not sure why my rhodie is blooming now.  I guess it is a little mixed up.  Like me.

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Batik quilt finished

Batik quilt, created in a quilt as you go method. 

The back of the quilt.  It is about 60"x80".

Some leaves I picked up on my walk this morning.
I'm getting very frustrated with blogger.  I may just give up.
Be well. 
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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Gunnera Manicata

Emma over at A little bit of everything was the first one to get the right answer to my photo identification question in my last post.  It is the seed stalk on a giant Gunnera manicata plant.  Above you can see the plant in question.  It is in it's decline right now so would look more impressive at the height of summer.

Here is another close up of the seed stalk.  Not sure if seed stalk is the correct terminology for this strange thing.

It almost appears to be some foreign being with its strange growth formations.

My little hand on one big leaf.  Google it and look at images if you are interested in seeing more of this plant.  I don't have this in my yard, I took the photos at a friends house.  Emma, if you know how to take cuttings or harvest seeds from this plant, let me know please.  I wouldn't mind having one in my yard.

I will send you something by way of a prize, Emma. Not sure just what yet, we will both be surprised.  Thanks to all who hazarded a guess.

Be well.
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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Autumn Harvest and a little contest

Got our first frost the night of November 1st so we harvested the squash on the 2nd.  Pretty, isn't it.

It is a combination of Sweet Meat and Hubbard from cross pollinated seeds that we saved from last years squash.  Oh, I see another little zucchini snuck into the photo.

Not sure what this is but I'm calling it Blood Berries.   It looked like drops of blood on the forest floor.

The frost and the wind really brought the maple leaves down suddenly.  Here are Tonka and Sadie rustling through them in front of my house.

I know what this is but I'm wondering if anyone else can identify it.  If you do, you win a prize, to be chosen later.  The first person to identify it wins a piece of my art work.  So don't enter if you don't like my art;-)

Be well.
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