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Friday, March 23, 2018


Fooling around with little bits and bobs, stitching on these mini dooleybobbers.


Monday, March 19, 2018

Latest quilt

Finished another quilt last week.  This one is from the Stack the Deck book and is titled Razzle Dazzle.  It measures about 58"X70". 

I've started cutting another one out but today the sun showed its face so have been outside doing things.  I'll get back to work on it once the rain returns.
Gifted the Laurel Burch crazy quilt to Gwen.

Gifted the Asian style quilt to Tess.

Hung the red and blue batik quilt on my wall, I might keep this one, I love it.  See the little knot bag I made just below it?

Here is a close up.

I had to make it because I enjoyed doing the kantha stitching on this scarf so much:

and now I have begun a lap quilt in kantha stitch.  That will take me awhile to finish. 

On a sad note, my kitty Charlie was struck down by a paralysis and had to be put down.  He is badly missed.  He was my last cat and I loved him a lot.  Bye Charlie Bone♥ 

Sun is still shining, I better get out for a walk with the dogs.  Hope you all get some sun too!
Be well.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Green Man

While wandering around in my woods I discovered this guy:
(after posting this yesterday I found some people couldn't see the face in the picture above until I pointed it out.  I see a face in profile, with a pointy nose pointing left, and a clenched mouth, scruffy beard, squinty eyes, hiding in this maple tree bark)
Then there was this creature:
And this cool piece of wood:
With this burl like thing sticking out:

Ferns are very prolific around here

here is a little waterfall, comes out of this culvert

I really love this piece of wood the cows have buffed to jewelry 

and this cherry bark also buffed to a shine

 Visitors often remark on the old man's beard lichen
 And some people even wear it!
 That is neighbor Gwen, and below is the pavilion on her property.  Pavilion might be a more impressive name than it deserves, but I find a lot of beauty in it.
 More ferns growing down from the ceiling/roof.
 And this lovely lime green growth
The amazing fern roof garden!
Thanks for coming along on a walk with me!  Now it's back to working on my newest quilt.  Here is a sneak peek:
Be well.

Thursday, February 8, 2018


I like this quilt much better now that I have added these changes.
 I purchased a Laurel Burch Embracing Horses panel from ebay.  They are out of print but still plenty for sale in various color ways.  I'm glad I chose this one, I think it is perfect.
This is what it used to look like before I added the panel right over the top.
 I did a little stitching over the horses to the background panel.  This shows the reverse side.
 Then I fussy cut some swirly shapes from another fabric and used misty fuse to attach them before free motion stitching them down.  Finally I stitched it all down carefully over the already finished quilt.
I had pieced together some soft rayon fabric for the back of the quilt.  I think it will make a nice gift, now.  I appreciate all the advice my good blog readers gave me, advice that I used to good effect.  What do you think?  Better??

Now I need to get back to the batik quilt, it is patiently waiting to be quilted. I will leave you with a picture of my cat Charlie, sitting on my painting table.

Friday, January 26, 2018

This post is showing some of the quilts I have made over the last couple of years.
Above is the latest quilt top, it isn't finished yet.  Not sure who will get this one.
This is the Asian theme quilt I made for my niece.  Still waiting for her address so I can send it to her.
This is the one I showed in my last post.  After looking at it on my wall for awhile I find it too chaotic and crazy, not sure I even like it.  I might have to tear it apart.  I like individual blocks, but not the whole thing.  What do you think of it, honestly?

 This is one I gave to cousins Becky and Terry.  They wanted water colors, anything to do with the water.  I titled this one Ebb and Flow.
 This is a flannel quilt I made from a purchased pattern.  It is still here, haven't decided who to gift it to.
 This one I made for my friend Mary's daughter who was having a baby.

 I believe this one went to cousins Marla and Fred.  They live in a log cabin so it seemed appropriate.
 I have a lot of cousins!  This one went to Karen and Bernie who will soon be moving into the new house they built on the Oregon Coast.
 A couple of reverse applique wall quilts.  Sold the above one to Uta in Australia.
 Still have this one.
 Another cousin quilt, went to Eric and Anne.
 The chickadee quilt went to my sister Debbie. 
And this nine patch went to my SIL Beth.

Those are some of the quilts I have made since 2016.  I still have a huge stash of fabric.  I took 4 big boxes of fabric to the thrift store the other day.  Now I need to find some fabric for the new blue and red batik quilt top.  Oh, I got the pattern from this book:
It has a lot of fun and easy patterns. 
Maybe next I will post some of my fiber and mixed media art from the past couple of years.  Until then,
Be Well.