Laughing Dog Arts

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

February creations

Solar Flare
Continuing with my winter projects.  This hot pink/orange one is actually an older piece that I finally got around to finishing, putting the backing on it.  I have been using heavy copper wire as hangers for these dooleybobbers.

I just love these colors.
I had one block left over from the horse quilt I made, so used it to make a pillow cover.
This is another pillow cover I made from instructions I downloaded from Jane LaFazio.
Close up.  Not exactly a cozy pillow to rest ones head upon, but it looks good!
One final pillow made from bits and bobs I had around.  When I dye fabric I usually put spare strips of batting into the dye bath.  That is what I used on the above pillow where the buttons are.
Sending Out the Love
Here is my latest Dooleybobber.
Some people have asked me what a dooleybobber is.  That is the name I came up with to call this series I continue to work on.  A sort of generic term for a nameless thingamajig.  I believe it is unique to me because when I Google Dooleybobber, my work is the only thing that comes up.  Google tries to tell me I want Doodlebobbers but no, if you make it find Dooleybobbers, that is all mine!!!  Maybe I should patent it.
I've also made a couple of little books where I cut and fold a single piece of paper to create the pages.  They are fun.

Our snow is totally melted.  I heard we have had over 7 inches of rain in the past 5 days but luckily the river hasn't flooded so far.  Good thing the snow had mostly melted before this rain storm arrived.
I will leave you with this snow man skeleton.  I can see his ribs!!

Be well.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

New work, finally

Hello there!  It has been months since my last blog post but I have been busy making things. Above you can see a Dooleybobber, I lose track of their numbers so I titled this one All Wired Up.  Because I used a lot of wire bits on it.  There is a bit of copper screening and some wire I found on the road.
I made the little fabric bead after seeing the ones on Victoria Gertenbach's blog, The Silly BooDilly.  Her's are so gorgeous and she is selling a tutorial, in case you are interested.

I've had the little toothpick doll for years and finally found a use for it.
I took part in an art challenge/trade and this is what I created for it.  It is only 6"x6" not counting the rusty barb wire hanger.
It was a fun departure from my usual style.
This is my first attempt at something akin to encaustic.  I used color crayons after heating up the 6" clayboard.  I also attached a copy of an earlier work I did, the birds and poem.

I used a crackle medium for the initial base painting.  I like the way it looks in spots.

Here is another dooleybobber, what shall I call it? 
These are all small pieces.
another dooleybobber, close up.
I created the base fabric with scrim, silk and the needle felting machine.

I'm still making bed/lap quilts too.  I love this one, where I used some Laurel Burch fabrics and lots of my favorite colors.
The Horse Quilt.

I love the Indian maiden fabrics too.  These were the last little bits of this fabric.  I wish I had bought more of that years ago when I purchased it.
Sadie and Windy look all tuckered out!  It is snowing like crazy outside, we have nearly a foot of snow but it is so beautiful!  My birds are flocking in, I'm feeding out about twice as much bird seed as normal.
Come on over, sit yourself down take your shoes off, friend!

Hope you are all keeping safe and warm.  or cool, if you are in the southern hemisphere.

Be well.