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Saturday, February 8, 2014

New work, finally

Hello there!  It has been months since my last blog post but I have been busy making things. Above you can see a Dooleybobber, I lose track of their numbers so I titled this one All Wired Up.  Because I used a lot of wire bits on it.  There is a bit of copper screening and some wire I found on the road.
I made the little fabric bead after seeing the ones on Victoria Gertenbach's blog, The Silly BooDilly.  Her's are so gorgeous and she is selling a tutorial, in case you are interested.

I've had the little toothpick doll for years and finally found a use for it.
I took part in an art challenge/trade and this is what I created for it.  It is only 6"x6" not counting the rusty barb wire hanger.
It was a fun departure from my usual style.
This is my first attempt at something akin to encaustic.  I used color crayons after heating up the 6" clayboard.  I also attached a copy of an earlier work I did, the birds and poem.

I used a crackle medium for the initial base painting.  I like the way it looks in spots.

Here is another dooleybobber, what shall I call it? 
These are all small pieces.
another dooleybobber, close up.
I created the base fabric with scrim, silk and the needle felting machine.

I'm still making bed/lap quilts too.  I love this one, where I used some Laurel Burch fabrics and lots of my favorite colors.
The Horse Quilt.

I love the Indian maiden fabrics too.  These were the last little bits of this fabric.  I wish I had bought more of that years ago when I purchased it.
Sadie and Windy look all tuckered out!  It is snowing like crazy outside, we have nearly a foot of snow but it is so beautiful!  My birds are flocking in, I'm feeding out about twice as much bird seed as normal.
Come on over, sit yourself down take your shoes off, friend!

Hope you are all keeping safe and warm.  or cool, if you are in the southern hemisphere.

Be well.


April said... always, your work is so inspiring! I especially like your "All Wired Up" because I think it was ingenius for you to use that found wire...and that cute little toothpick guy. Love your vivid colors, especially the teal and fushia! Your horse quilt is beautiful. inspiring!

nacherluver said...

Oh Jan! so much creative magic! ~swoon~

Linda Wildenstein said...

Well yes, I'd say you have been creating. It is all lovely. You have such a great eye for color and placement. Oma Linda

Cynthia Myers said...

Whoa! LOVE it ALL!
The Horse quilt though, is my fav!
your yard looks like my yard!
stay warm!

Robbie said...

Missed you & your "dolleybobbers"!!! And your other pieces are so unique & just plain cool!!!! Love the little ones resting!!!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Nice to see a post from you. I always look forward to what you have been up to. Of course I love it all. Am surprised by the challenge piece but you sure nailed it (ha!! you used nails too!) That barbed wire hanger is very clever.

Thanks for posting pics of the pooches. I was thinking about Sadie the other day when I saw you post on FB. Glad she's getting along well.

Enjoy your S***. I can't bear to speak the word anymore.
xx, Carol

Becky said...

Beautiful new pieces! You have a lot more snow than we do :) Have fun!

Linda said...

Well your hands have certainly been busy Jan! I guess that snow is keeping you at home? Can you actually go out at all!?
Love the first piece...especially the close up shots; very nicely done. And the challenge piece is very special; a change of colour and technique for you?
The dogs made me smile with their matching poses; so funny :-)
Glad you're ok......and blogging again. X

Emma said...

Wow, lots of beautiful work, lovely color & a neutral as well, it fits right on in there. I used to call those dolls 'worry people' & you got a useful little box of them to tell all your worries to!

Heloise said...

Wonder to see so much colour when there is a lot of grey here. Your dogs look very contented. Somewhere I have a little cloth bag with worry dolls.
Keep warm and safe, I think we have as much water as you have snow.

Corrine at said...

So nice to see new work my friend. your Victoria style bead came out great....Are you using shot cottons like she does? Glad you are posting again....Yay. Tired dogs are a good thing...It's snowing here too just a little but we have about the same amount of snow. Puppy snow play. xox

audrey said...

My goodness, Jan, you truly have been in creative mode. Everything is lovely!!! I especially like the blue with magenta background one. How about this name for the purple one? De l'avis de Francais de l'univers? Pretty long but it means A FRENCHMAN'S VIEW OF THE UNIVERSE. That's what came to mind when I looked at it.
The piece you did for the art challenge/trade is stunning! You make beautiful art no matter what media you work in.
It's great to see you on blogger again and thank you for sharing your art.

Wendy said...

I love your new pieces...color, form, content are wonderful. I've been trying my hand at jewelry collages with vintage bits and bobs and it's fun. I probably take apart three times as much as I end up with! Glad to see your post!

Maggi said...

Wow you really have been busy, maybe you should join the dogs :)

Love the dooleybobbers as always but your piece for the challenge is so beautiful, and special.

You can keep the snow there if you don't mind.

Doris said...

Great to see all that creativity! Quite inspiring! I may have to melt some crayons...

Janice / Dancing with Sunflowers said...

So many projects, so much achieved, and so many different techniques and effects. I have never heard of a 'dooleybobber' but they are lovely!

No snow here in southern England, but rain, rain and more rain. Much of the country is under water.

Hope you're keeping warm, and looking forward to spring.

Laura said...

Jan, your art is thriving! Wonderful to see so much new work, and each piece so carefully thought out, while looking effortless and playful.
For the gray/violet piece words like sparkling mist come to mind.

Corn Dena said...

beautiful fabrics!