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Sunday, October 27, 2013

What I've been making lately

I appreciate all the kind and consoling words from people commenting on my last post about Anne Lockard's passing.  It is obvious she is missed and will be for a long long time.

Life goes on.  I do my best to enjoy it and reflect a giving attitude.  With that in mind, above you can see the quilt I made and gave to my good friend Mary.  She has been going through a rough time health wise, so she was very touched to receive a comfort quilt after having given so many away herself.

This is a book I made from a class in the 21 Secrets art journaling classes I've been working in.  This was from Terri Kahrs I've Got A Secret class.  It makes use of a manilla envelope.

I love the juicy color she helped me achieve.

This is a little book I made from an old ruler and a pile of gelli printed papers.  Can you tell I love orange/red?

The back of the gelli book.

Married Love is the book I altered.  I decided to keep the original book title, although what I put inside the book has nothing to do with married love.

A bit of dog love, maybe.

Cover of another book I made, using a fiber leaf I created.

Inside, more juicy color.

Another book, one of the folded paper books, made from a single large sheet of paper, folded and cut to create a book.

The back of the same book.

A pile of books.

I had an old recipe box that was so dingy and dated.  It is livened up with a new coat of paint.

Little swallow applique stuck to it looks right at home.

The Girl of the Woods is the next book I am altering.  I cut out every third page and then gessoed most of the remaining pages.

Now it is ready for whatever I decide to do with it.

That's about it for now.  I hope you all are keeping safe and enjoying life.  It is far too short so make the most of it!  Dress up for Halloween and let the kid in you out!  

Be well.
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Elena said...

Such gorgeous journals, colors, creations. Just beautiful :)

Pamela Smallcomb said...

Jan - these are so beautiful! I love the one with the three flowers and the little dog in the lower right hand corner. :) I know your heart has been hurting. Here's to better days. xox

Robbie said...

Your journals are wonderful!!! So bright and vibrant!!!

Cynthia Myers said...

Oh I do like that leaf cover!
and the black crow inside.
Very cool.
I have a couple of old books that might need altering! Thanks for the inspiration.

Linda Wildenstein said...

I'm so inspired by all of your lovely "juice color" work. It has been far too long since I got lost in the creation and just played. Tomorrow because of you, I'm gonna play......Oma Linda

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

You have certainly been busy creating the most wonderful and colorful art. What do you do in your spare time? ~lol~
xx, Carol

Flowermouse Design said...

Oh Jan, the quilt is so lovely. And great colors too!! What a nice gesture to give it away to your friend. I am amazed by your altered book. All that work going into it and in such an artistic way too. What a color sense you have!!!

Corrine at said...

You are having some marvelous fun with your journals and I am loving that color. Orange red is a fave of mine too, so rich. Your friend must be thrilled with the quilt, you are so generous and loving. Hope all is well with Chainsaw man and the furry kids. xox

sonja said...

glorious and colorful post of quilt and altered book and wrapping a friend in quilt with love. thanks for sharing.

Laura said...

WOW! Bravo, Jan!!

Karen S said...

Nice to see what you're working on lately. I've been a bit absent on blogger too -- stuff keeps interfering with my stuff!

I miss Anne too -- she was very kind to me.

audrey said...

Wow, Jan, you have been having fun, haven't you? When I make art, I am at peace and happy ~ I would imagine you feel that as well.
Your altered books are wonderful and your quilts are always special. I am sure Mary was delighted and touched.
Your thoughtful card arrived. I love the cute details you attached to it. It was a pleasant surprise that made my day! You really do have a big heart. Thank you. xo

Maggi said...

That jus a beautiful quilt that you have given to Mary, Jan.

Your books are all so lovely and colourful. I love them all but the one with the ruler is just so different.

april said...

Always love seeing what you have been working on. My goodness - you've been busy! All beautiful projects. What a kind idea with the quilts. hugs

artymess said...

Jan these are stunning ...the colours are glorious

Linda said...

You've been very busy and creative Jan! Love those crazy flowers :-)

Emma said...

Oh, lucky Mary! Juicy really is the word to describe your beautiful books & that is an inspired use of a ruler ;)

Doris said...

What happy lovely colors! Enjoyed witnessing!