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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Birthday gifts galore!

First I want to thank you all who gave me suggestions in my last post regarding what I might do with my Grandmothers coat.  What I have decided is to write a note telling the story about my Grandmother and the coat that hung in my closet for so many years and how it ended up being donated to a thrift store.  I will put it into the pocket of the coat.  My hope is that it will be better appreciated that way.  There is a local thrift store that benefits a woman shelter, I intend to take it there.

The photos above show a gift that I received in the mail last month.  My friend Maggi from the UK sent this to me, all hand dyed by herself.  Check out her web site if you want some similar items.  She remembered that it was my birthday and gifted me these things! 

There is a piece she worked on her embellisher machine, some gorgeous dyed silk chiffon, some beautiful matching threads and scrim, and two packages of beads.  It is like a whole kit to make a dooleybobber!!  So beautiful!  Thanks, Maggi!  I hope to do justice to these fine supplies one day soon.

Robin also remembered my birthday and sent me this stunning mandala card that she made.  It just amazes me that she can create these and each one is so different and so beautiful!

Here is a close up, isn't it gorgeous!?!!!  I love these colors and shall have to frame it.  She gifted me a large framed one last year when she came to visit me.

Another visitor who was here last year was Uta from Australia.  She returned this year and we decided to do a trade.  Above you can see the painting she gave me.  I love it!  She does fantastic work and has won awards for her paintings.  Check out her web site and expect to see more of her in the world of fine art.
In trade for the painting I gave her this quilt you can see her wrapped in above.  She loves it and has it on her bed in warm Adelaide Australia now.

Another trade I made with a friend who has no web presence  resulted in my receiving this fabulous sweater that my friend knit herself.  I'm certain it will become a favorite garment for many years to come.  So far it has been too warm to need to wear it but I of course put it on the minute I opened the package and found it to be the coziest thing even in the summer!  Just beautiful!  Thank you, Thalia, I treasure it.
In return I created this wall hanging for her, with her guidance as to its theme.  I blogged about it here.  It is titled Within the Stream.

Other gifts I received last month include this beach glass necklace from Uta and  newly published author Glenn when they came to visit me last month.  Beautiful, I love beach glass!

Elena sent me this book because she knows how much I am enjoying making books these days.  Some great ideas in here!  Thanks E!

I also received this book from another friend who has no web presence.  I love books, as anyone who follows my blog already knows.  Thanks Lyla!  

I have such lovely friends!

Well that's about it for now.  One of these days I'll see if I can't post something about the art I have been creating.  It has mostly been art journaling and bed/lap quilts.  Time to start getting ready for winter art work, I wonder what my focus will be?  Maybe I ought to start with a new dooleybobber using some of that gorgeous fabric Maggi sent me!  Until then, 

Be well.
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Monday, September 9, 2013

Waning summer

Hello blogging friends! It has been nearly two months since my last confession, er, I mean my last blog post.  I was looking at my photos today and thought I'd share some of my flowers with you.  Above is a tiny bouquet of sweet peas.  Aren't they sweet?  Of course, it is their nature to be sweet.  They are flowering wonderfully right now outside the studio door along with nasturtiums and morning glories.  Every day I enjoy the wonderful scent of these beauties.  Summer flowers!

But what is this?  I found these flowering in my front yard, autumn crocuses! What is an autumn flower doing out now?  Yes my friends, it heralds the coming of autumn.  It was 82 here today, but already at 6pm it is 10 degrees cooler and will likely be another 15 cooler yet before morning.


I just love these deep red nasturtiums!

I haven't only been flower gazing all summer.  I managed to finish up the king size quilt in time to give it to my nephew and his bride a month ago.  Since then I made this quilt and mailed it off to a friend yesterday.

The backing fabric is so lovely and soft to the touch.

In addition to quilting, I have been continuing to purge my closets of unneeded items.  The coat above belonged to my Grandma Betty, who passed away in 1976.  I have held on to this garment all these years, not really knowing what to do with it.  I don't want to wear fur, even if it is only a collar that I didn't purchase. I thought I would take pictures of it for my memory and then give it to a thrift store.  Now as it hangs in my studio, I am thinking I should instead make something from this wonderful quality coat fabric.  Any suggestions?  
I'm serious, I want suggestions, please!

Windy suggests that we all eat more watermelon while it is still available. She loves fruit.  I do hope you all make the most of these waning days of summer.  Me, I'm off to eat a piece of watermelon!
Be well. 
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