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Monday, September 9, 2013

Waning summer

Hello blogging friends! It has been nearly two months since my last confession, er, I mean my last blog post.  I was looking at my photos today and thought I'd share some of my flowers with you.  Above is a tiny bouquet of sweet peas.  Aren't they sweet?  Of course, it is their nature to be sweet.  They are flowering wonderfully right now outside the studio door along with nasturtiums and morning glories.  Every day I enjoy the wonderful scent of these beauties.  Summer flowers!

But what is this?  I found these flowering in my front yard, autumn crocuses! What is an autumn flower doing out now?  Yes my friends, it heralds the coming of autumn.  It was 82 here today, but already at 6pm it is 10 degrees cooler and will likely be another 15 cooler yet before morning.


I just love these deep red nasturtiums!

I haven't only been flower gazing all summer.  I managed to finish up the king size quilt in time to give it to my nephew and his bride a month ago.  Since then I made this quilt and mailed it off to a friend yesterday.

The backing fabric is so lovely and soft to the touch.

In addition to quilting, I have been continuing to purge my closets of unneeded items.  The coat above belonged to my Grandma Betty, who passed away in 1976.  I have held on to this garment all these years, not really knowing what to do with it.  I don't want to wear fur, even if it is only a collar that I didn't purchase. I thought I would take pictures of it for my memory and then give it to a thrift store.  Now as it hangs in my studio, I am thinking I should instead make something from this wonderful quality coat fabric.  Any suggestions?  
I'm serious, I want suggestions, please!

Windy suggests that we all eat more watermelon while it is still available. She loves fruit.  I do hope you all make the most of these waning days of summer.  Me, I'm off to eat a piece of watermelon!
Be well. 
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Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I really don't like waning summer much. Temps on a roller 1/2 dead, not quite summer and not yet fall.

I'm not very creative about recycling clothes items. I can see that the fabric would make SOMETHING great. I'll be interested so see what other blog friends suggest.
xx, Carol

Lisa Criswell said...

Such beautiful flowers and photos, Jan! The quilt is fantastic. As for the coat, I don't picture it being upcycled. I see it as someone's amazing and favorite treasure find from a thrift store because it perfectly fits their retro style just in time for the cold season. But I'll be interested to read what others suggest.

April said...

Jan, LOVE your flower photos...yes, even the RED nasturtium. But I think those SWEET Sweet Peas are the SWEETEST! :o)
You are so industrious getting two quilts made over summer. WOW! I am so impressed!
As for the coat, I have no suggestions but do look forward to what your other friends come up with.
Happy soon-to-be-Fall, my friend!

Glenn Stenson said...

What a beautiful, loving treasure your friend will receive. She will cherish it. Just as you amaze me, Windy did the same as I watched her scrape the fruit off the watermelon rind. Your place wreaks in talent.

nacherluver said...

I love sweet peas. Didn't know they came in so many pretty colors. Lots of pretty flowers. Thanks for sharing their beauty.

The coat... I think you could make several items out if it. A carpet bag for books and art supplies. That's the first thing that comes to mind. I love beautiful sash-type bags. Over the shoulder, long strap. You could use part to cover the pad on a chair or stool. You could use remainder bits in quilts and mixed media. So very much you could do with a wonderful coat! The collar? The fur. Hmmm.... a wee little bear or animal. Perhaps it could go to the humane society to keep a wee one warm and safe. One of my cats was orphaned at 8 days old due to mom being hit by a car. We took him in at 8 wks. (he was fed & fostered up to that point) and he missed his one sibling so much he adopted a stuffed animal as his sibling. Curled up w/it. Perhaps the fur could do the same for some poor little fur baby in need? Or is that just weird of me to think? Eh. Either way, I like the idea!

Or... if you want to keep the coat as is.... donate it to an elderly home. Find a new owner who will love it and look smashing in it!


nacherluver said...

p.s. beautiful, beautiful quilt! and as far as summer winding down, we already have several trees in the area that have changed color, yet the temp at the moment is 98 degrees!

Corrine at said...

So good to hear your latest confession! Windy is one smart dog, watermelon is always a favorite in our house...Fab flowers, you have so much more blooming still than we do. Fall asters abound in the fields. The critters are moving, howling, screeching and calling at night getting ready to change seasons.....Nice quilts. Hope all is well with you and chainsaw man. xox

Laura said...

Just beautiful all the way around and looking forward to see the up cycle project with the coat.

Robbie said...

Great to see a post from you again!!! And your flower photos are beautiful!!! We had high 90's today and expect to be in the 60's on Friday!!! Guess it is fall!

audrey said...

Hi Jan.
Beautiful flowers. I love sweet peas ~ the field down behind us is covered with them every year. Seeing them makes me happy. I have always loved morning glories, too.
And there goes your big heart once again. The quilt is so full of love, Anne will treasure it. I truly hope it gives her many days of comfort.
Oh, how I LOVE watermelon. It is 12:45 in the morning and I wouldn't mind a piece right now. Cute photo of Windy eating some watermelon.
Great post, Jan. xxoo

Maggi said...

Gorgeous flowers Jan but the crocus are obviously confused! Do you like the coat enough to wear it? If so could you take off the collar? If not, what about making some bags.

Lovely photo of windy with the watermelon.

Robin said...

It's all so beautiful!! Love the flower photos....the one above the quilt....the little blue ones...are those Forget Me Nots? They are one of my all time favorites! The quilt is gorgeous!! Very comforting on a cold winter day! I don't know how you get so much done! I am off to email you now! LOL!

Janice / Dancing with Sunflowers said...

My dog Lucy loves watermelon too! That's a lovely quilt you made for your friend - you are such a generous artist. The fourth photo, of the climbing sweet peas, makes me think of a repeat knitting pattern, with a rambling floral design.