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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

February creations

Solar Flare
Continuing with my winter projects.  This hot pink/orange one is actually an older piece that I finally got around to finishing, putting the backing on it.  I have been using heavy copper wire as hangers for these dooleybobbers.

I just love these colors.
I had one block left over from the horse quilt I made, so used it to make a pillow cover.
This is another pillow cover I made from instructions I downloaded from Jane LaFazio.
Close up.  Not exactly a cozy pillow to rest ones head upon, but it looks good!
One final pillow made from bits and bobs I had around.  When I dye fabric I usually put spare strips of batting into the dye bath.  That is what I used on the above pillow where the buttons are.
Sending Out the Love
Here is my latest Dooleybobber.
Some people have asked me what a dooleybobber is.  That is the name I came up with to call this series I continue to work on.  A sort of generic term for a nameless thingamajig.  I believe it is unique to me because when I Google Dooleybobber, my work is the only thing that comes up.  Google tries to tell me I want Doodlebobbers but no, if you make it find Dooleybobbers, that is all mine!!!  Maybe I should patent it.
I've also made a couple of little books where I cut and fold a single piece of paper to create the pages.  They are fun.

Our snow is totally melted.  I heard we have had over 7 inches of rain in the past 5 days but luckily the river hasn't flooded so far.  Good thing the snow had mostly melted before this rain storm arrived.
I will leave you with this snow man skeleton.  I can see his ribs!!

Be well.


Janet Ghio said...

I have always loved your doolybobbers and I love the pillow you made!!

audrey said...

Jan, you inspire me SO much. I LOVE everything you've made, but especially the Sending Out The Love Dooleybobber ~ the colors, the subject, the items you've sewn and attached ~ love it!! Will it be available to purchase? I think Dooleybobber is a great word and it fits your creations so well.
xo audrey

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Yay! Bright and cheerful work during the dank and dreary season. Always a spirit lifter.

How cool that you are creating unique art with a name that can only be your own.

Glad your snow is gone. We are forecast to have thunderstorms today/tomorrow so I hope I can say the same!
xx, Carol

Linda Wildenstein said...

Your work is always so bright and happy. I just love how you incorporate so many wonderful stitches and elements. I think you should patent your name. I like how it is totally evocative of your creations.
I had never seen a snowmans skeleton until today. But there ya go, now I have.
Stay dry and warm, Oma Linda

Corrine at said...

Oh it's so good to see all this bright and colorful work from you. I am glad you are posting again, I miss it when you don't. While I love the Jane LaFazio style pillow, I really love your bits and bobs one more and of course your marvelous dooleybobbers.....eye candy for today complete. xox

Becky said...

Very nice! I love the snowman skeleton too :) Too funny!

Heloise said...

You have been busy. Lovely colours.

Cynthia Myers said...

Love your Dooleybobbers!
Beautiful colors.
LOL! Yes I can see the ribs!
too funny.

Robbie said...

The pillows are so cheery!!!! Yes! A patent is in order...might even want to secure a web page name!!

april said...

Oh my gosh, Jan! You've been doing so much - and love it all. The colors and your work are absolutely beautiful. Love looking at all the details.

By the way, I am mailing you the instructions for that "envelope book" you saw on my blog.

Emma said...

Wonderful dooleybobbers, I still love looking at all the detal in mine ;) Fab cushions, too. x

Maggi said...

As always I love your dooleybobbers and your pillows are beautiful. Some really interesting images in those little folded books.