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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Flag book spine

Sorry my photos yesterday didn't show how the flags are attached. There is a piece of card stock that is accordion folded and attached to the front and back covers and the flags are glued to the folds.
I first learned of this project from a Diana Trout you tube video, you can see it here:
Then after mentioning it to my creativity group one of the members sent me this link she found: I mostly followed the instructions in that basic flag book tutorial except I didn't use her dimensions. It is very simple and I didn't have to buy anything. If any of you decide to make one, send me a link if you post on your blog about it.  Here is a link to my creativity groups blog, which shows further pictures of the process:  It is a fun project to do as a group.
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Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Okay, now my slow brain gets it!
Great photos on this---I'm going to have to bookmark the pages so *when I have time* (hahaha) I can look at it leisurely, and take notes.
I think there are tons of possibilities with the project, and love the way yours turned out!


lynne h said...

ah, this is nice, jan... xo

audrey said...

Oh, Jan, thank you so much for all this information and the wonderful photos. This helps a lot! I would like to try something like this. (Perhaps while I'm sleeping). Hahaha
Seriously, I want to find some time to try this.
Yours looks soooo good!!!
♥ audrey

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Jan,
What a fantastic idea-like ATC's you could paint minature designs or background techniques.
Thanks for sharing,

Bunny said...

Oh I love your creativity. Great work.

Marie S said...

Jan this is awesome!!
Thanks for sharing and the links.
Love and hugs.

Jan said...

Thanks everyone for your enthusiasm. It was a fun project. Now, time to move on to something else. I believe I shall bead something....

Ces said...

WOW! This looks like a lot of fun. I don't think I have the patience for this one. By the time mine is done it will be smothered in glue! Have a great weekend.

Ces said...

Mooing cows! I hope they differ from the mooing of real cows.

Ah yes, only if I really really love it, I will exercise patience.

Are you near the shore or in the mountains. I have been to Oregon only once and we drove through the Nevadas to Klamath Falls up the Willamette Valley. Went to Crater lake, that is a sacred place and then later drove down to California along the coast. BEAUTIFUL, beautiful country. I wss 5 months pregnant then and not a lot of rest stop with bathrooms ACK!

Dianne said...

great photo of the flag book...looks like fun! thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. it's always nice to meet another artist. Great blog!