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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

For contrast

No, this is not me today. I just thought it would be a good contrast from the old photo of me yesterday. This is a current ad I saw in Better Homes and Gardens magazine. I must say I applaud Fruit of the Loom for being brave enough to show a woman who looks more like most of the women we see these days. Not that I see women walking around in their underwear all the time, but I'm just saying.

And thanks for all your kind comments on yesterdays photo, thanks for letting me brag a bit on my bygone days. Now, back to real life.

Be well.
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Marilyn said...

This is more the reality than the fantasy!!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I think Dove soap is the other company that uses women of all sizes and ages in their ads, and I think it is GREAT! The number of young girls that suffer an eating disorder due to trying to look like photoshopped models in magazines is wicked.
Hurray for some flesh!!! And kudos to companies smart enough to know beauty is more than a SIZE 0!!!


Marlene said...

Great Ad! I am so tired of seeing ads for Plus Size clothes modeled by skinny women. Number one you can't really tell what they will look like on a larger woman, the skinny models really don't look that attractive with the larger clothes on. Using the right size model for the clothes seems to me would be a win/win situation.

audrey said...

Good post, Jan. You started my day out with a good, good, laugh. I keep picturing women walking around everywhere in underwear.
I will be laughing about it all day.
♥ audrey

sjmcdowell said...

Yes, I agree this is reality and we don't need to look like sticks to be beautiful!!
Thanks for commenting on my wee card!!
Miss the ocean alot!!

A Hug and a Smile...


Marie S said...

And this woman is gorgeous too! We beat oursleves up for being this beautiful! I wish I understood.
Great post.

I have always had this morbid fascination with bones, Jan. LOL!! I wanted to be an archeologist. Maybe Day of the Dead had something to do with it.
I needed the change in my blog. I am glad you like it!

Tam Hess said...

Hey, I wish I had her legs! :)

audrey said...

I won't be disappearing anytime soon, Jan. I have to wait till I have a full month of exercising behind me.