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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New piece with fabric paper

Yesterday I was wanting to work on something other than the Red River colorwash piece so I pulled out some fabric paper I recently made. If I'm going to be blogging I suppose I will have to start taking more pictures of my process. I neglected to do so this time so I don't have any pictures of the fabric paper before I began adding to it. I learned about fabric paper first from Beryl Taylor's book Mixed Media Explorations. I love that book, it is one of my favorites. More recently I bought Kelli Perkins book Stitch Alchemy and she really takes the fabric paper ball and runs with it. It is another book I love, she has filled it with so many wonderful ideas and great tutorials and fabulously colorful photos. Making fabric paper can be rather addicting and Stitch Alchemy gives lots of ideas as to how to use it. I took a piece that I cut down to 18" x 14". I hand stitched colorful scrim (cheesecloth), more fabric paper, and some fleece bits.
It isn't finished yet, not sure what I will do to it next. I wish I had done some kind of writing on the long rectangular pieces of fabric paper that I stitched on. I still can but if I make a mistake, they are on there already. Fabric paper is very stiff and thick, not easy to hand stitch through. One can machine stitch on it but I didn't want to. Probably I will write on something else and somehow attach the words if I decide to go in that direction. This is coming along really well for a quick bit of color play. I love the red on the dark pink scrim. Scrim takes dye so well and I usually will throw some pieces into the dye pot whenever I am dyeing fabric so I have lots of it. Found a whole bolt of it at a garage sale once, it was free. Free! A bolt of scrim! What a deal!

Be well.
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Flor Larios Art said...

Just do it go ahead with the not be afraid of have no idea how much I have learned from them.

Jan said...

Thanks for your comment. I did go ahead with the writing and it turned out well. I'll post a new photo. Thanks for becoming a follower.

Martha Bright said...

A bolt of scrim--that is great. What a find. I can't believe how much a tiny piece of hand-dyed scrim costs. You should start selling it!!

Sherry said...

I just found your blog thru your friend who knitted the 100" scarf! Love the goodies you make. I have MIXED MEDIA EXPLORATIONS and STITCH ALCHEMY is on my wish list. I think I may have to pull out Beryl's book again to be inspired.
I'm going to follow your blog - I love seeing the works in progress. Anxious to find out more about that red river piece so I'll scroll back thru a few older posts.
~ Sherry