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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Roosevelt Elk

As I was driving to town a while back, I stopped to take some pictures of these noble Roosevelt Elk. Beautiful beasts, nearly as large as a horse. You wouldn't want to hit one with your car, you might come out worse than the elk would.
Be well.
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Martha Bright said...

Beautiful! There is small population of elk left in PA--most in Elk County, surprisingly enough! What is that moss in the trees? Surely not Spanish moss.

Jan said...

Honestly I don't know the name of the moss but it does look a lot like Spanish moss. I just call it Old Man's Beard. With an average of 75 inches of rain a year, we have lots of moss of various types.

Stephen Baird said...

a "pity follow"? that's hillarious. yeah ... you're just a pity follow. i swear i am laughing like a nut with your comment.
OK, actually i travel the west USA and i come to portland twice a year and would love to get these kind of photos. i got a few elk but these are great.
so, it doesn't take much to get my interest! pity follow ... that is crazy funny.
nikonsniper steve

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Seems so odd to see the elk and spanish moss, which I associate with New Orleans! Like one or the other was displaced!!!
But then you have the wet weather and temperate climate for it.
The photos are wonderful....things not seen here. They almost looked like they stopped to pose!


April said...

I GET to drive by the Jewell Meadows Elk Refuge four times every school day, and I love it! Never tire to see these beautiful elk. They have an albino one there of these days I'll try to catch him on film. They are just beautiful and so majestic!