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Monday, January 11, 2010


I took the plunge and gave some lettering a try. First I wrote on the top and bottom pieces before I attached them to the main piece. That went so well that I went ahead and wrote on the pieces that were already attached and am satisfied with the results. I think I will try outlining the letters with black to make them stand out more. I didn't use ink, instead I used dye-na-flow paint. Not quite as saturated or vivid as I would have liked but I didn't have any liquid colored ink to use with my calligraphy pen. I used a metallic gold pen on the edges of the top and bottom pieces before I attached them too, wish I had used that on the side pieces before attaching them. Now I'd have to try to mark between my stitching lines. Live and learn. I like this.

Be well.
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2 comments: said...

looks good!

Martha Bright said...

I didn't know you were blogging!!! How sly of you... I love this fabric paper piece. The colors are great. What was your process? I better go back and look at the earlier posts in case you already said. Welcome to Blogland!