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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Red Chenille

Did you see the previous post? When I finished fusing the right, light half of this colorwash piece, I pinned it up on my design wall. I already had this unfinished piece up there
so I just pinned the fused piece on top of it. I so much liked the way the red faux chenille piece looked next to the line of red color wash, that I decided I must put red faux chenille in the middle of the colorwash piece. So I did. I had some left over pieces from the red chenille thing (I still haven't finished it nor have I named it) that filled in nicely.
Above you can see the two fused pieces with some faux red chenille between them. Yes! I love these serendipitous happenings! Further progress will be shown tomorrow. So please come back!

Be well.
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April said...

Very interesting, Jan. Don't know how you come up with these ideas. If I had two projects up on my wall, I'd just see two completely different projects. But not cool how you see 'outside the box.' Waaaaay cool!