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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Romantic postcards

My Grandfather emigrated from Bulgaria to the States in about 1920, leaving his sweetheart behind with the intention of soon returning to marry her and bring her to a new home in the USA. It took him 5 years but return he did. I like to imagine that these postcards with the romantic themes were ones that he and Grandma wrote to each other during those 5 years of separation. They are all written in Bulgarian so I have no way of knowing.
Who are those Viking looking fellows lurking in the background of the above picture? What is this liaison all about?
I find these to be such lovely cards and I hope you enjoy them too.
Be well.
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audrey said...


Jan said...

Audrey, how did you manage to comment on this before I even got my text posted? I have been having trouble getting my posts to upload to blogger, maybe one of my attempts from yesterday loaded and I was unaware of it. Thanks for looking and commenting.

audrey said...

LOL! Jan, when I went to your blog, the postcards were there, but no text. I just assumed that was the way you wanted it. I enjoyed their beauty even without the words. You are right ~ it must have loaded and you didn't realize.
They are very romantic... it is fun to imagine what things were like in those days!
♥ audrey

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

These are beautiful---I remember your e-mail about them.
What a treasure; nothing like them anymore. I think I like the B&W photo ones even a bit more than the colors....they have a certain quality to them!