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Monday, January 25, 2010

Hawk visitation

I've had a noble visitor today, this Red Tailed Hawk. I first discovered it in the yard upon stepping out the door but it flew up and landed on top of the chimney of the studio. My camera was in the studio so I couldn't snap a photo of it there. The fire was going and the smoke was billowing around the hawk. I was surprised it would stand there on top of the metal chimney cover, I can only assume it was not hot. Finally I took a chance and went down the stairs to the studio to retrieve the camera and the hawk flew away, only to land in a nearby locust tree.
The pictures taken from that location were not so good. He stayed there until finally I got tired of watching him and went off for a walk. Saw an Eagle flying overhead but it was too high to get a photo. When I returned I had forgotten about the hawk until I was standing outside again and heard a strange sound. I looked up to the roof and there he was again, perched on the TV antenna! Snapped a lot of photos then, he seemed to be posing and even turned around, the better to keep his eyes on me I suppose. I just looked, he is still perched up there. The regular birds in the yard don't seem to be alarmed by him, I wonder if he is feeling sick or something.
While I had the camera out I thought I'd record this further evidence that spring is indeed on the way. My snowdrops have come up and here is one brave little flower. My grandfather (the Bulgarian one) gave me these snow drop bulbs and I always remember him when they come up every year. Lots of daffodills are raising their green heads up too. Won't be long now.
Be well.
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Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Oh, the hawk pics are amazing!!! He does indeed look like he is posing! (hey, mine are camera shy but like to *talk* when I'm on the phone....)
So cool----my hawk is always at a great distance, where I cannot get photos.
I have one or two snowdrops left from when we moved; I think the magnolia has strangled them. I do love the little blossoms!


audrey said...

Jan... Great photos of the Hawk. How fun to be able to see him that close. I have not spotted any of those.
How sweet the little snowdrop is. I have some body cream from Italy that is scented with snowdrop ~ love it.
♥ audrey

Martha Bright said...

Gorgeous hawk photos! You ought to make prints and sell them!! I am so jealous of the snowdrops. It will be a good six weeks before those peek through here (if we're lucky).

Bunny said...

Your photos of your Hawk are amazing love the way he is just posing for you. Nature is so beautiful. I had a nice visit was curious about your Red River piece it is beautiful, so went back in your posts to see how it evolved. Love it, and it is so nice that I found your blog. I will follow to see your wonderful work.

April said... sneaky you are.....A BLOG! How wonderful! Your hawk is BEAUTIFUL!!! Hope he's still hanging about because I know you will love keeping track of him. As for the the snowdrops...LOVE 'EM! Just saw a little one blooming in my yard (yep, I was actually outside one day last week) and it gave me such a boost. Can't wait to see you Tuesday, my friend. Congrats on your new blog space, you sneak!

Marilyn said...

The Hawk is such a magestic bird & you captured him beautifully!
I followed Anne's link to you & I am so glad I did!! I love your blog....
No spring flowers here yet.... I am in NE PA. & today we are in the single digits with lots of snow on the ground!!
Have a Wonderful Weekend!

Marie S said...

He looks young, maybe a teenager. He is gorgeous.
My daffodils are in full bloom. But no plant knows how to act in southern california.
Have a great weekend.
Beautiful blog, I will be back.
So nice to meet you.

gypsylulu said...

Geeze, Jan, i commented here earlier...i don't see it now.
Anyway..i am loving your new blog!...

Your photos are great...also your Red river piece...intriguing work on it! glad you can now share with us!
xoxo, gypsy

Queenmothermamaw said...

Hi Jan, I am a fairly new blogger and a budding artist (2 years into studying at 72) and have been following Anne awhile. She is so happy you are blogging I wanted to be part of the fun. I am not able to get on your follower list due to a Google glitch, but will have you on my blog list. Pop over for a visit when time permits. Blessings

Approachable Art said...

Oh, pretty pretty raptor, nice shooting, Jan! :)