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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Where did Spring go?

I have been practically bragging about how spring like it has been here but look what I found on my poor lilac yesterday! Yes, that is some soggy wet snow! Poor little lilac buds. I think they will be okay though. Today it rained all the live long day. That's okay. That's normal for here.
I love standing in this bundle of maple trees and looking up through the trunks. Almost dizzying.
When Rocky and I went for a walk, the neighbor dog, Sudz, decided to come along. Isn't he handsome?

I love the way some trees grow straight up out of the earth. Like a hair out of my scalp. Look at this big ol' tree, just sticking up out of the ground so straight and tall. Sudz is impressed. He thinks there might be a squirrel up there.

I want to welcome a follower, a fellow Oregonian, Tam Hess at  Thanks for coming by Tam, hope to get to know you better.  She is a mother of 3 and yet she finds time to make some very creative and whimsical art.  Check her out.

Today I have been listening to a new album by Anais Mitchell titled Hadestown, she calls it a folk opera. I am infatuated with it. She has a lot of guest singers helping her out such as Greg Brown (the reason I bought this album) Ani D'Franco, BonIver and others. I need to find out more about the basic story so I can understand this opera better. Greg Brown as Hades is magnificent, and Ani D'Franco is Persephone. Excellent music.

Be well.
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audrey said...

Oh gosh, Jan, I hope that snow doesn't find its way to Virginia. I want Spring to stay. I hope your lilacs will be ok.
I am surprised you have no bluebirds being out on so many acres like you are. Maybe this year!
I really like listening to Leonard Cohen, too ~ I think his songs are great and I love his deep voice.
Trees are amazing, aren't they? You are right - even looking at the middle photograph makes me a little dizzy. LOL!
From what I am seeing, you live in a beautiful area of the country, Jan, and having all that land and privacy must be wonderful. I have never been out that way - Phoenix is as far as I've been west. I have many relatives in N. California but never been there.
Thanks for stopping by this evening. I am going to go check Tam's blog now.
Take care.
♥ audrey

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Love your new background Jan! It is SO YOU.
And the pic of the trees, shooting straight up---lovely perspective!
I am off on a thousand little things again today...hope to check back in later. All I want is 2 tylenol and a nap......


Marlene said...

Hi Jan - yes we had that wet snow here also, hope all the plants made it through. Sudz is my my kind of dog, I love labs they are such great friends. Wonderful photo's.

Approachable Art said...

Fantastic photos. :D

Jan said...

Hi Audrey, I think the lilacs survived this round, couldn't have been good for them though. Oregon is the best place in the world. For me, anyway;-)

audrey said...

Hi Jan.
I never realized how beautiful Oregon is. I never really thought about it that much until I made blog friends from there. I am happy to be learning things about it and seeing beautiful photos of the area.
The bird is a young female cardinal. The bright, beautiful red male was very close to her. I took pictures of him, but they didn't come out crisp and clear. I will try again another time. I don't see them too often.
♥ audrey
PS - I have not fogotten about your art card, Jan. It is on my desk here waiting for me to finish it. ):

yoborobo said...

Hi Jan! LOVE the pic of the trees that you shot straight up, just gorgeous! And the lab looking up the tree - gosh, it makes me want to run out and get a black lab. I had one when I was a teen (back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth), and I loved her to pieces. Have a great weekend! I hope you get some sunshine. xo Pam

Jan said...

Thanks, Pam. You know there are thousands of BBD's out there, needing homes, so if you really do want one, I'm sure you could find one. We didn't get much sunshine here but we didn't get much rain, either. Not that I mind the rain. One better not mind the rain, living where I do.

Diva Kreszl said...

I do hope you've thawed out by now! We have to get busy in our gardens right? I just love your stitch doodle, I can so see it mounted and framed! thanks for stopping by to visit and taking the time to leave a comment.