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Friday, March 5, 2010

Little Flame Guy

Here is another doodle that I finished the stitching and beading on. Now what to do with it? I drew and colored on fabric using a pen and caran d'ache watersoluble crayons.  I love those things!  They are so bright.  Also used some fabric paint for the gold areas.  I backed it with cotton batting and then stitched and beaded it.
I have this hand dyed old linen table cloth that is rather wild but the colors are similar. Maybe I will stitch this to a piece of that. I have several of these bits that for lack of a better name I call doodles. I put them up on my design wall when there is space so I can at least look at them. I have given a few away. What to do with them otherwise? What do you do with all of your art work, especially small practice pieces like this? I guess some people call these slow cloths. Is that right? Jude Hill at Spirit Cloth makes lots of bits and pieces. I wonder what she does with them all? Someone with her reputation probably sells them on etsy or some such place. Maybe I will have to have a giveaway on my blog!

Thanks to Marlene at for signing up as a follower. I see her smiling avatar everywhere, she is good at leaving comments which as everyone knows, everyone appreciates. I sure do!  Plus she does some lovely work, lots of originality from her.

I would especially like to hear what you others do with your finished work that you don't sell. There must be piles of it! I have donated pieces to worthy causes many times and will continue to do so but still, I have lots.

Now I need to make a little baby quilt, my niece is due next month.

Be well.
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Marilyn said...

Why don't you just simply frame it & if you ever get tired of looking at it then have a Giveaway!!
I think it looks great!!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Well Jan, mine piles up! I end up giving pieces away, rotating what I have hanging, ocasionally purge everything off the walls to start a clean slate and then decide what I want to put back up.
If you have a lot of those small pieces, why not put them on a dark BG so as to accent their bright colors and make either a long hanging or a piece of any shape to quilt? I love the detail; he deserves a special finish! :)


Queenmothermamaw said...

That is a nice piece of work. I have so many art pieces as I am only into my 3rd year into studying art. My grands are always wanting me to do something. I make collages and then decoupage them. I hand paint all my greeting cards and that is how I get my practice in. With the children's cards I do something simple and then more detail on the adult cards. Thanks for asking.

audrey said...

Gee, Jan, you make stitching and beading look so easy. As usual, you have used a lot of vibrant color in this little piece. I, too, think he would look great framed and hanging.
♥ audrey

Approachable Art said...

I don't visit here enough, Jan, and I'm sorry for that. Your blog is adorable and you're always doing so many neat things. I'm going to correct my mistake and spend more time here. :D

Marlene said...

Jan, that is a wonderful piece! I love fabric art and would frame that and hang it. What size is it? I could be incorporated as part of the design in a bag or perhaps sewn on a pocket of a jacket?

Robbie said...

Way tooooo cool!! I love this piece. Yep you could frame it or start making journal quilts monthly! They are great to have and look really nice if you're doing an exhibit somewhere. I keep my journal quilts in a binder (from Staples) that has plastic sleeves already in it. Makes for a nice book to look at as well. Again, VERY nice piece!

Sherry said...

I'm thinking Flame Guy would be a great center of a square made with that glorious dyed fabric on a purse or a patch on a jacket

you could also make framable cards with your small practice pieces

I like him a LOT ~ Sherry

April said...

Hey, Jan...he is lovely. (ooh, hope this comment won't affect his self-image) :0D I like Marlene's idea! I can see your 'little guy' on the pocket of one of your reversible jackets..or even a Jan Bag! You are an inspiration!

audrey said...

Oh, Jan, I saw that couple, too!! I almost pointed it out on my post but I thought people would think I'd flipped out. It jumped right out at me as soon as I looked at the photo. Thanks for seeing it, too! Creative minds - right?
♥ audrey

Fox On The Run Meanderings... said...

Jan, that turned out so great! You always amaze me what you can do with so little. I agree about a pocket on a Jan Bag or perhaps a really neat pillow. Pillows always need a focal point. I could see one of your coats with an applique of this also...fantastic!