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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Stitch doodle

Finished this piece last night. Finished? I suppose it is finished, at least for now. I used painted batting for the background, then needle felted some dyed scrim and roving and other little bits of stuff.
Then I set to work just doodle stitching on it. Didn't use any beads on this but the french knots look a lot like beads. It is only about seven inches square. I did sew on a few buttons that my friend Martha gave to me, thanks Martha.
I believe I like it. Yes, I do.

Before I forget, I want to welcome a couple new followers.  First there is Judi at  She has been doing some beautiful fabric dyeing lately.  Also Robbie at  Oh, her beadwork is so gorgeous!  Thanks for signing up to follow!  I'm edging up to 30!  Maybe I will jump on the bandwagon and have a giveaway after I hit 30.  Followers, that is.  I hit 30 years old a few years back.  Quite a few years back.

Be well.
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April said...

Quite a few 'fews', Jan. :0D
I just love this piece. It's wonderful! I really like the colors...and ...well, it kind of meanders and makes your eyes WANT to keep looking! It really gives me a sense of 'well-being.' REALLY! Cute little piece. Was STITCH DOODLE it's name, or is that what it is? Anyway, I love it!

Marlene said...

Jan, I love it it is soooo pretty and colorful. Fabrics are way tooo much fun.

Bunny said...

I do love this and the colours are amazing. Beautiful creation.

audrey said...

This might be small, but there is still quite a bit of work put into it and it is so very pretty and colorful.
I am really liking these little "doodle" works that you do. Have you thought about putting them on journal covers? Or making journals and using these as the covers?
I look forward to your give-away! I'm sure you will be at 30+ in no time at all. Word travels fast ~ you have a really nice blog, Jan.
♥ audrey

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Love this piece Jan. There is so much color and visual motion and texture!
You have really developed a style as I have watched the small pieces you do---a very good, dictinct voice.
And the french knots are perfect for it---I think beads would have not been as organic with the other fibers.


Sherry said...

never thought of painting and needle stitching batting - hmmm, bet there's some in the garage somewhere......and so it begins!
I like the colors - happy

Approachable Art said...

I envy your hand-stitching, how completely lovely!

Jan said...

Hi Sherry, another thing to do! Paint batting. It makes a nice background for this little piece. Thanks for your comments.

Jan said...

Audrey, your idea for journal covers is a good one and I might just end up using these little pieces that way. I might do nothing more with them, the fun is in the making of them. Thanks for stopping by.

Fabby Dolls said...

JAN!! You are quite the blogger -- you are putting me to shame. Love the background. Love your artwork! I, too never thought of painting batting - neat idea that I may be able to use with my dolls. Keep writing and thank you so much for stopping by!

Jan said...

Hi Fabby, thanks for noticing my new background! You can probably make clothes for the dolls with painted batting. Thanks for visiting.

Tam Hess said...

Beautiful work, so many details. I could just stare at your pics forever! I live in Beaverton, grew up in North Plains! HELLO! I'm shouting to you now can you hear me? hehe xoxo

Robbie said...

oh my gosh! These are getting 'cooler' by the minute! Is that a term for your artwork?? I love this piece too...I'm working on a challenge that uses only hand or machine fancy your piece is giving me some ideas. I'm doing circles. I told Anne, I inspire to be just like her and you when I grow up! Anne, didn't think we had to grow up! Thanks again for the inspiration!

Jan said...

Hi Tam, thanks for stopping in here and taking a look. I hear you and went over to your blog. This is fun, meeting all these new people!

Jan said...

Robbie, I'm inspired by you! Seems like a good relationship to me, but to quote Jimmie Buffet, "I'm growing older but not up!" I'll look forward to seeing what you come up with next.