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Thursday, March 4, 2010

ATC trade

Inka Heaton of is trading ATC's with me. I received hers in the mail today. She titled it "Vision". Isn't it great? I love it, Inka, thanks so much. She also sent these extra goodies. See the black card letters? For my name, of course. cool. I'll add Vision to my ATC display.
I'm also excited about my new followers. Anna Rosa of and Mariann of Thanks for coming to my blog, I hope you will return often. I hope I can keep this interesting enough that you will want to.

I never would have guessed that blogging was so much fun and that it would open up such a new world for me. I live way out in the boonies and yet I feel a part of a world wide community. Anna Rosa is from Australia and Mariann seems to be from both Singapore and Spain. So many creative people from all corners of the world. Thanks for letting me be a part of it, making me feel welcome.

Be well.
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audrey said...

Nice ATC, Jan. I like the antique finish on it.
I think you are doing wonderful with this blogging ~ your followers list is growing and your posts are really good ~ always filled with interesting things and lots of beautiful photographs.
Blogging is fun and it is exciting to meet new friends from all corners of the world.
♥ audrey

Marilyn said...

Great ATC!! I too am amazed at the different ideas & passions I have seen in so many in my year of blogging!! Love it......

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

When I get time Jan (and you know what has to be out of the way FIRST!) you'll be getting one from me!
Love what you got.....and I knew you would love blogging.... :)
There are so many wonderful, talented, sharing people out there. It's like an art party when you boot the computer up!


Marlene said...

Hi Jan, I thought I had you marked to follow and just thought you were not blogging, sooooo sorry. You are marked now and I will be following. I love your ATC trade that Audrey received.