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Monday, March 1, 2010

Spring flowers

Spring really is just around the corner. Actually, it is here already in my yard. I took these photos today. Not a lot of the daffodil varieties are blooming yet but these certainly are. Can't you just smell them?
These sweet little yellow wood violets are popping up all over in the forest, along with lots of foliage of more flowering plants, like miners lettuce and wild bleeding hearts.  If you click on the wood violet picture you will see the detail of the moss and the rain drops.
This is vinca minor, grows like crazy here. I used to have a white variety but haven't seen that one bloom yet.  Do you see that pod hanging on the left side of the flower?  That is from the Golden Chain tree.  It puts out lots of these pods and the mice collect the seeds.  I sometimes find big stashes of them.  Also they are sprouting up all over the yard.  Anyone want some?  The golden chain seeds I'm talking about.  Not the mice, although come to think of it, if you want some mice you can come and get them.

So all of you still in the snow zone, try to be patient a little longer. It's a big circle and it's coming around again.

Five For Fighting was what I last listened to today. Wonder where he came up with that name?

Be well.
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audrey said...

Oh what fabulous pictures, Jan!!! I can't wait! Just seeing these sweet little flowers has me yearning for more ~ Such beauty in the smallest blooms. It's just hard to believe you have this happening. I will keep looking at my orchids and violets until I can really see some activity in the yard.
Enjoy those beautiful flowers and thanks for sharing them with us!
♥ audrey

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I am, as I amsure you are aware, completely and thoroughly JEALOUS of those lovely blooms!!! ;) And I thank you for posting them!
I have no daffodils here; at our other house I had masses and would cut them and have lovely mixed bouquets. Bought the bags of the double and single bulbs. Remember one Fall planting until I I did not think I would be able to move as it got COLD duringthe planting and I had almost a quarter of a block of fence to edge out with the bulbs......
No mice! No mice!
You want some of my ants??? LOL!!


yoborobo said...

I am so glad I stopped by and got to see these lovely harbingers of Spring. :) There are actual snowflakes falling outside. eeek! LOL!
Thank you for the preview! :) Pam

April said...

Golden chain seeds....yes, please! Mice...NO thank you! Have plenty of them spite of my kitties doing their part to keep the population down. Found another little gift at the front door yesterday (a bloody, ghastly portion of someone's innards). Gross! But I always praise my sweeties for getting them for us, anyway. Beautiful pictures, Jan. Makes me yearn for Spring...while our forecast is for snow in the foothills tomorrow!