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Monday, March 15, 2010

Stitch doodle 2

This is what I messed with over the weekend. I started with some cotton batting with a piece of blue silk on top. Needle felted some scrim and colored roving on that.
Then I did some stitching. No beads on this one, just a couple of sequins. What a weird nose, not sure who I was channeling when I found that face in there. I didn't intend to make hearts but after I finished the needle felting I discovered two of them. I like to let things come out of their own intention.  I did help the one along after I noticed it, but the other was a surprise. 
The weather was fairly nice over the weekend. Not sunny but not rainy either. I spent some time with a Les Miserables DVD. That kind of singing can bring tears to my eyes. "Bring Him Home" certainly does. I let the show play 3 times, the third time with the lyrics displayed so I could catch the few words I hadn't already figured out.

Today I am listening to Radiohead. Does that give you a little idea of my eclectic musical taste?

Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.
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Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Jan,
Oh ah, how creative is your mind.
I would never have thought to attempt something like this.
Love the face peaking through.

Jan said...

Thanks Anna Rosa! I barely got this posted and there I had a comment already. I must have been editing in another photo when you were peeking in. Thanks for visiting, I couldn't do what you do! It takes all kinds, luckily.

Marilyn said...

What beautiful colors you used!!
Snow is almost gone here....just a bit where it was plowed!!
Have a Wonderful Week!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Love the colors Jan...the face is so contemplative compared to the hearts and the brightness; a duality going on there.
I am, for once, listening to NOTHING. Had WWOZ on the mornignt he whole while I worked and now it's just nice having quiet.
Yes, I'm in the studio, and *the Boys* are in the house, wreaking havoc! LOL!!!
TAke care!!


Robbie said...

OK, this piece is way too cool! I love the stitching and innovative design you did on this one. VERY nice!!!

Jan said...

Anne, a duality? I guess that is my dual nature, both sides trying to say something. Dueling for attention! Thanks for peeking.

lynne h said...

ha, jan! i think you were channeling me! you know i could do a nose like that! and then there's those hearts... it was me for sure... ; )

i love how everything evolved. perfect and beautiful - and brilliantly colorful...

Bunny said...

Jan I could never do this kind of work. I am amazed at your creativity. Love the colours not sure about that nose maybe Jimmy's nose LOL. Those colours are my favourite. Love the new look of your blog too.

Marlene said...

That is a beautiful piece, The colors are wonderful and the whole thing just makes me happy.

Approachable Art said...

Very Picasso-esque. :D Love it!

audrey said...

YAY! Jan, you reached that 30 mark! Congratulations!!
This piece is really unique, Jan. I agress with Approachable Art ~ I, too, thought of picasso when I looked at this. Love the color and the hearts!!
I think it is wonderful that you spend so much time creating. I wish.
♥ audrey

Jan said...

Yeah! 30 followers. Does that mean they like me? I should celebrate by having a giveaway. I've been thinking just what exactly I could give away. I shall ponder it a bit more before deciding.
Thanks for coming by, Audrey.

audrey said...

YES!!! We like YOU and your blog!!

Marie S said...

Hi Jan, I am loving this pieces, the hearts, the face and the little stitches all come together so well.
I also am a color freak, so the colors really appeal to me. Big color is so good. To me anyway. ;-D

Thanks Jan so much for your sweet comment on my iron angels!!
I know that some of the angels are copper and silver and golds, but Iron angels just seemed so right, I am glad you like it too.
Have a magical and fruitful weekend.
Love and hugs.

Beadwright said...

Hi Jan, my name is Nicole. I found you through Art is My Heart blog. The pit bull caught my eye. Lovely dog. I have a pit as well. Anyway I love this piece of art. Very nice.


Marie S said...

Thanks Jan!!!

audrey said...

I had to stop by to wish you a HAPPY HAPPY SPRING filled with love, happiness and surprises!!
♥ audrey

Anja said...

your style is wonderful, I love the colours and the little stiches, all handmade!