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Thursday, April 14, 2011

reprise Dooleybobber 15

I had so much trouble with my post yesterday I think most people missed it.  I had to keep tweaking it, the photos weren't showing up.  Today I put the back, label and hanger on it so will use that excuse to show it one last time.  I sure hope the photos stay put this time.
 I attached it to a piece of kunin felt.
I used a little piece of a root from a bush that the dogs dug up for the hanger.   That makes it a family effort.  If you missed the post yesterday, there are more photos (hopefully) of it there.  I think I will put it into my Etsy shop.

Be well.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I kept trying to get to your post yesterday and figured Blogger was just being a stinker with me! LOL!
I love this piece~~the color and depth and texture....and yes, that fact that the hanger was from a doggie adventure!
Beautiful Jan; just lovely!


Marlene said...

This is gorgeous and how fun that the dogs helped. Yesterday I kept getting a message that your blog didn't exist, I will go back and try today.

yoborobo said...

Beautiful! I tried to comment yesterday, too. :) I love all the details you get in these - so much texture and color. And the doggy root. :)) Happy weekend! xox Pam

maggi21 said...

Lovely colours and gorgeous stitching.

audrey said...

Wow, Jan, 15 Dooleybobbers! You must be proud ~ there is so much work and love put into each one. This one is just as beautiful as all the others. I love the root hanger.
Blogger has been in a bad mood this week. I think a lot of people had some type of problem.
I hope you are well, happy, and enjoying the nicer weather. We have been busy planting trees.
♥ audrey

Janet Ghio said...

I love your dooley bobbers!!

Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

Both posts and photos are all here for me. Looks great, love the colors and such details in this one and the circular stitches always bring so much movement and energy to the piece. xox Corrine

Linda in New Mexico said...

Sometimes Blogger reminds me of Ry. Stubborn, strong willed and just, that's the way it is.
Sorry that you had dilemna.
I love your dooley bobbers. They are each one so happy and colorful.

Karen S said...

I love this one -- the colors are just beautiful. And the theme is pretty cool too.

Love those doggies!

Robbie said...

I am REALLY liking this dooleybobber!!! Quite nice!!!

Bunny said...

Jan I just spent some time checking out your latest adventures in art wow I sure love your post on the dye day. How much fun was that. Love all the bright colours. You must love spring colours too. Thanks for stopping by and remembering Jeannie on Tuesday. If you know anyone in your art group that knew her please ask them to celebrate on Tuesday. Hugs

Beadwright said...

I am absolutely loving what you are creating with your felt. All the detailed touches make your art come alive. Beautiful!

Anja said...

As always I love your hearts most. This one is very charming it has an openess and very nice lines the stone is not enclosed in it and sometimes a stone can transform from the ache to something one can stand on and fell grounded. To fix it on a root is a very good idea so simple and nice effect.

Ut'm Strickbüddel said...

Jan, I love your dooleybobber, but the reprise-dooleybobber-15 is the most beautiful. The colors are like spring time. Simply beautiful.
I wish you and your loved ones a peacefull Easter.
Lot of hugs

maddyrose said...

The colors are really lovely in this piece. I'm glad you seem to be past your blog issues. I've been having issues with my blog. For some unknown reason, I haven't been able to even view it. Things seem to be back to normal now but I still have no idea of why I was being banned.