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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Keeping Secrets

 My latest piece is mostly finished.  This one is like Sheer Hearts, built on fabric paper, using sheers, painted dryer sheets, dyed lace, dyed batting strips, paper, beads and other bits and pieces. 
 Keeping Secrets
9"X 14"
I found a feather in the yard so I added it.

I think Susan might have given me this little bird print.   I colored it a bit with pencils.

Dyed doily from my recent dyeing experience.

I still need to put a backing on it and sign and label it.  Anyone want it?  I think I'll give it away, in honor of having 93 followers and 148 posts.  I'll pick a winner out of comments.  I wonder if I will hit 100 followers by years end?

Listening to Greg Brown.  A friend recently sent me a stack of live recorded shows that will take me awhile to get through.  I will give you a copy of one of these shows too.  Just ask.

Be Well.


Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

This is very cool, a collage of ideas. xox Corrine

maddyrose said...

This is a lovely use of found treasures and the colors are lovely together. Who wouldn't want it?

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Very nice Jan! (now I know where you've been--heehee!)
Love the use of color and different materials in this; cheery and a lot of visual texture!
Yep, you'll hit 100 by the end of the year! I'm sure!


Bunny said...

Very interesting you always come up with great art. Have a wonderful Easter.

Marlene said...

Jan, this is lovely. I love seeing your work it is always so full of fun little items and textures. You really do inspire me to try different things in my art.

audrey said...

Jan, you continue to amaze me. You've completed yet another beautiful work of art. You put such great embellishments on your work... always so full of color and texture and interest along with your beading and stitching.
I see a lizard on there!!!! This piece belongs in my home!!! hahaha
Easter Blessings to you, Jan!!
♥ audrey

Lisa Criswell / Indigo's Beads said...

another beautiful work of art! i love the "keeping secrets" part hidden by the...what is it called? scrim is what i would call it. that's a very cool affect. the colors and textures are awesome as always!

maggi said...

Another lovely piece Jan. What bird donated its feather to the cause of art?

artymess said...

Lovely work as always Jan made with love ..xx

Emma said...

Fabulous, lots of lovely details. I'm on 94! New followers but I can't get to them to visit coz they haven't put a link, oh well, they know where I am ;)!

Ut'm Strickbüddel said...

I love it, Jan. It's so much like summer and secrets to keep is not a bad thing eather *lol* :)
Lot of hugs

Anja said...

Dear Jan,
as I got recently a give-away from your group I will not take part, but write you nevertheless a comment. Your needlework is like reading newspaper, it tells me a lot more than words. Have a big hug dear friend and hopefully next time it will have more sunshine at your place!!

Marie S said...

I love this one and the last one too!
I really like that you used one fo your doilies in there.
The lizard is a fun touch too.
Painted dryer sheets?? Very cool Jan.
I love that idea. It also gives me some too!
Thank you.
Blogger has been so strange lately.
Have a great week.
Congratulations on all of your followers and posts, well done!

Patty said...

This is joyous! I need to get back to making something (on my day off).

sjmcdowell said...


This one is very special...very soul searching.
I gave you the blue trim that you have on it as well.
Geez lots of tornados around Georgia tonight, our sirens are going off all the time.
We are ok...the worst of it is gone now!! Praying for All the people that have suffered through this day!!

Hugs and Smiles to you,


Steph said...

great!!! i love the colours!!!!

Anne Marie - Toronto said...

Lovely little piece!! I'm not sure which is my favourite part. The birds or the coloured bit of crochet. Anyway, very effective!

Martha Bright said...

Really beautiful Jan. You are doing wonderful work!