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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Meet Tonka

It has happened again. We have taken in another old dog who needed a home. This is Tonka, a fifteen year old Border Collie. Tonka had been living with an old couple and when the man recently passed away, this energetic dog was too much for the elderly woman. So now I have three geriatric dogs. Tonka is very energetic for his age. Anyone might guess he is the youngest of this bunch instead of the oldest.
As you can see, he and Sadie get along just fine, resting here on the futon together. Rocky doesn't care one bit either, they all get along like old friends. We had a fun, although a wet walk today. Tonka got to meet the llamas. He has been around livestock all his life but never llamas before. He was curious, no more so than they were about him. I haven't seen poor Charlie cat since Tonka arrived. I better go out and call him. It took a month before he began to accept Sadie when she came, I hope it doesn't take that long this time.
Before I forget, jump on over to my group blog, Fox on the Run, to enter for the chance to win the great package of items in the photo above.

I hope those above photos show up today since they didn't the first time I posted.  

Be well.

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Tanya said...

Bless you for taking in an elderly animal. So often the get overlooked when the cute little ones are available.