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Monday, April 4, 2011

Plugging away

This is the blue circle piece I showed before.
 Here is where it stands now. Not much progress except I cut the crack into it, that's how the light gets in. Also did some stitching into it.
approximately 8" diameter circle

Here is a close up on the painted jean seam beads. I had cut the seam off an old pair of jeans and then cut that into little pieces, painted the edges and sewed them to this piece with sequins and beads. Copper washers between each jean bead. 

Now I have started a dooleybobber, shown above. I'm ready to start hand stitching on it after all the needle felting is finished. I built it on top of a piece of lilac colored wool cloth with blue scrim on top of that, then needled roving and fabric bits on top. 

On my walk yesterday I gathered some old and new bits of nature including a hemlock cone, some alder dangly things (what are they called?) and a small tree bud. Also some old man's beard moss. Stitched them all down on these freshly dyed bits from the other day. It is post card sized but too fragile to actually mail, unless I put it into a box. There is a heart bead on there just right of center. Have to put a little heart into everything. It was just a quick fun project to get me started. I better get back to some hand stitching. Hope you all are happy and healthy. I'm still listening to Mumford and Sons, I'm addicted.
Be well.

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