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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dooleybobber #15

I believe I showed the beginning of this one awhile back.  Here is the progression of a dooleybobber.  Above is the background of needle felted bits attached to the base of wool fabric and scrim.
Here you see some progress with stitching, buttons, felt balls, beads and baubles and more lacy bits attached.

Dooleybobber #15 or Trying to Dislodge the Stone in my Heart
11" X 9" approximately

The final result.  Almost final, I do still have to attach some backing and a label.
 close up shots, starting upper left
 continuing around, clockwise.
 I hope blogger leaves my photos here this time. Next day, I see it did not leave my photos so today I have reloaded them and hope they stay this time. 
I have turned off comments for the time being.
Be well.


Anja said...

Dear Jan, very deep and selfreflected, thank you for your openness. Alles Liebe Anja

Marlene said...

Beautiful, glad you were here when I tried today.

Boxoftrix said...

This is beautiful I love the colours.Thank you for following my blog x

Emma said...

Oh, that's better & thanks for turning the comments back on so I could say hey back!

This is a great finished piece.I happen to have some sun silvered driftwood sticks littering my desklooking for inspiration as the way I've framed my felt piece doesn't work for me (from January) - I've stitched it to a dark blue piece of denim just over an inch all round & it looks too restricting.Maybe I'll wrap a bit of the're giving me food for thought! What do you use to label the back?

Mary Fox of Fox On The Run said...

Jan, your new piece is absolutely beautiful! I love the color combinations...they work. Tonka is cute...Jan's home for the elderly :>)) Your home will never be without a dogfriend.

Heloise said...

Love all the colours and textures you have used in this piece.