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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wonkier Hearts

Another oh so original title. After I took these photos I decided to do a little seed stitching around the outside of the hearts with some embroidery thread. Then I gave it to my friend Mary for her birthday yesterday. Happy birthday Mary!! If you would like to see some of the other gifts Mary received, take a look here:
Fox On The Run Arts is the blog Mary keeps up for our creativity group. We all contribute, but mostly Mary.
On the weather front, the official news is that this past May, here in Oregon, was the coldest and wettest in 60 years. Yeah, tell me about it! Good thing I am a true Oregonian and love the rain.
I need to put up a post showing all the wonderful things I received from my giveaway wins, I'll do that next.  They are pretty spectacular and I am so fortunate to have won them from Marie and Tristan.  In the mean time, be well.
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maggi said...

Love your wonky heart gift, as I am sure that Mary did.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Love the work Jan. All the detail and color...the freeform style.
Ah that I was not so anal and could *go with the flow*..... ;)


Linda in New Mexico said...

Jan, I love me some Wonkie hearts....these are wonderful. The colors and textures are so fun. Makes me happy just lookin' at them. By Mary's expression, she was a happy birthday girl too.

Robbie said...

What a nice gift for Mary!!! She'll treasure it for sure! and I love the name for your hearts!!

sjmcdowell said...


These hearts are made to smile at and enjoy and Mary is so lucky to have you as a friend!!

I'm smiling too! :D


Carol said...

Hi Jan
I love your wonky hearts. I love the bright colors on the background. Iknow Mary loved it too.

Approachable Art said...

So beautiful... I envy your mad embroidery skillz (lol). :D

Marlene said...

Jan, I love this piece - Mary is one lucky lady.

Anja said...

Just by chance I'm here, very charming work!

Karen S said...

I like this title even better! ;-) Nice work!

sonja said...

wonky heatbeats! i love these fabrications in my favorite colors!!

audrey said...

Jan, this heart piece is wonderful! I'm sure Mary is thrilled to have it. I love your freeform work and the color and texture you do.
♥ audrey

Fox On The Run Meanderings... said...

I love this piece, Jan and have it hanging already. The time and energy you put into it makes me feel very special. I thank God for a friend like you.