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Friday, June 4, 2010

Beading on Velvet

I posted this piece before it was finished a couple of weeks ago. Here it is completed, even framed which I rarely do. I had just gotten this frame at a garage sale, not thinking of it for this piece but it was perfect. Also, I had the background piece of copper colored stuff that was perfect as a sort of mat behind the velvet. I don't know what that stuff is, someone gave it to me. It was quite firm and stiff although I could have stitched on it. It was very fibrous, copper colored on one side and a rather dull brownish coppery color on the reverse. It was just right for this piece, which I have not named. I have trouble coming up with names for my pieces. Beaded Thingy just seems too drab. Any suggestions? This is the one where I used the top from a wine bottle foil as the center piece I beaded around.
I enjoyed stitching on the cotton velvet so much I tried another one. This time I used some silk roving which I held down with some big hand stitching before I beaded over and around it. I put a piece of fabric on the back and stitched it closed like a pillow, with no stuffing. No name for this, either. Beaded Thingy 2.  I gifted it to Susan at .  She had sent me a package of many many beads and I used almost exclusively her beads in this piece.  Still lots of beads left, she was very generous.  She received it today so I can post the picture now. 

Well it is a beautiful evening here, some blue sky showing and sun on the tops of the trees.  Wasn't much sun today but it didn't rain either.  The hummingbirds are still flocking to my feeders.  I am always amazed at how late in the day they continue to feed.  All the other birds have gone to their roosts but the hummers keep coming until it is very nearly dark.  Adult dark, anyway.

I want to welcome my new followers, I always appreciate anyone who takes the time to sign up and follow this blog, especially when you leave me a comment.  Thanks!  And welcome!

Listened to Jack Johnson today, what mellow songs, he is one of my favorites.  He will be touring in this area this summer too.  Summer?  What's that??  If it hit 60 today I'd be surprised.

Hope you all have a great weekend.  Be well.
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yoborobo said...

I love both of your beaded pieces. They remind me of landscapes, so maybe the name can be something like that? You know 'Sunset over Manhattan', or something - lol! Only yours looks more like a river. :) Our hummers haven't shown up this year, and today it is going to be 88 and muggy. Enjoy the coolness - summer is coming! xox Pam

Marlene said...

Lovely pieces Jan. The first one reminds me of a landscape also, I see the sun and either a river or ocean waves. The second one reminds me of some of the pictures I saw of the universe on the discovery channel, which was quite colorful. Sorry I am horrible at names for art pieces.

Carol said...

Love these pieces. I have never beaded on velvet, though I have backed some pieces with velvet. I especially like the fibers added to the second piece.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I'm with Pam....Sunset over...what's the river there?
It looks great framed, no matter what the bg stuff is! (though I do wonder)
I have always had trouble with names for pieces; I'd rather be hit in the head with a rock!


Approachable Art said...

More gorgeous pieces for us to ogle, thank you. :D

Tam Hess said...

Sunny this morning but the rain is getting gloomy. Will we ever get all these baseball games over with? :) Loving your art and your blog!! The colors on the second piece are especially pleasing to me!! Hugs!

Robbie said...

Jan, your piece looks beautiful in the frame! Just perfect!

Jan said...

Thanks, Tam, for stopping by. We do have a beautiful sunny day here. I don't think the sports ever end until after graduation;-)

Leslie said...

Those are so neat! Thanks for sharing with us.

audrey said...

Jan, both of these art pieces are great. I love that you did the first one on velvet and the background material looks really good.
I am seeing several things in the first one. Definitely the sun and possibly a river. But it could be southwestern ~ perhaps a turtle looking at the sun that is setting over the river or a snake passing by the sun and the turtle? It also looks like the outline of a country with the sun and a river. Wow, what our imagination lets us see!
How about Southwest Setting Sun? I see a lot of turquoise color in there and the golds and reddish browns. Even the frame is kind of southwestern looking. From all your friends comments, you have many ideas ~ you'll come up with a good name, Jan.
♥ audrey

Emma said...

Love your beads & wild felted bits - thanks for joining!

Anja said...

The first looks like a star who is just on a walk, you know like the petit prince. The second the picture feels really fluffy while looking at it. With the upper star it has movement, not only stars blinking.

maggi said...

Love the beaded pieces and I think that Beaded Thingy 1 and 2 sounds just fine.

Marie S said...

I think you should call the top one Shiraz Sunset or Merlot melody!
Maybe not!
They are beautiful.
Have a great week.
Love and hugs.

Queenmothermamaw said...

My thought for the first one was "On tiptoes." They are beautiful. Love the look with the copper color.

Anja said...

Hi Jan, wow now I was suprised, I just changed a little bit in the text and saw your comment. Thanks dear Jan. Where you live it's little bit colder than at my place, when the roses still wait for the sun. But these have been from last year. Looking forward to see some of yours.

Emma said...
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lynne h said...

i'm late getting here, but i wanted to say that this piece looks like it should be in a museum. or on display *somewhere* so that many people can be touched by it... it reminds me of native american beadwork. it has that wonderful energy... xo