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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Stuff on a Sunday

Not much to say, just thought I'd put these photos out here. First is the beading thing I am currently working on. I'm enjoying it. Next are a couple of shots of my peony's. They were doing great in all the cool damp weather. Now that it has warmed and dried up they don't look as well.
Reminds me of some beautiful party dress.
Finally, here is a strange mushroom that popped up in my potted shamrock a few days ago. That veil at the bottom is frequently an indicator of being a poisonous mushroom, so I pulled it out and threw it away before it opened and spread its spoors.
It has finally warmed up here, I actually have shorts on. It isn't that warm, I also have on a light sweatshirt. Working in the studio on a Kunin felted piece. I'm sure I will show it later. Some of the colors are the same as that peony, I just realized. Maybe I will look at some other flowers for further color inspiration.

Be well.
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April said...

Jan, I love your beaded piece. I need to get mine finished by next Tuesday...(glad I'll have an extra week.) I really like how you've used different sized beads. It really gives it makes it look polished and sophisticated! Too cool! Your peonies are beautiful! As for the sun....I'm loving it!

Anja said...

Dear Jan,
curious about how your beaded piece will look when finished. So nice to the see the peony's at your blog. Yes indeed flowers reminds us very often at nice dresses, me too. Best designers!

Perlenkatze said...

I'm also curious, about your new design too. I also love peony's, wished I could let them grow on my balcony :)


sjmcdowell said...

Good day Jan!!

I love your newest beaded creation, is that Abalone shell in the middle? I look forward in the result of this piece.
I think Peonys are so lovely and yours are no exception.

I wish you a wonderful and creative day...


beadbabe49 said...

I love the beaded piece also...looks very butterfly-ish right now.

Bunny said...

Your beaded piece is gorgeous.

audrey said...

Jan, your current piece looks very intricate ~ always beautiful and interesting.
Your peonies are beautiful!
FINALLY in the 70s this morning ~ even the birds are happy! They have all returned to the feeders and the birdbath today. It must have been too hot for them as well.
Always happy to hear from you on blogger or off.
Have a beautiful day ~ I hope the chill goes away soon.
♥ audrey

Marie S said...

I am loving that beaded piece you are working on. I like the colors too.

Gorgeous flowers, I love the insides of them, great colors.
I hope you are doing well. I miss you!
Love and hugs.

yoborobo said...

Hi Jan! I love your new piece! I think flowers would be a great inspiration for your lovely beaded work. Those peonies are stunning. :) I think I have finally recovered from our vacation - lol! Have a great day - xox Pam

maggi21 said...

The beaded piece is gorgeous and those peonies are just so beautifully blowsy.