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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Postcard swap

I recently had an opportunity to join in a birthday postcard swap with Emma at She turns 50 today and in honor of her birthday she decided a month ago to invite other bloggers to send her a postcard and she would send them one in return. She hoped for 50 participants and I was #49. She had a great response to her request and has been posting the cards received on her blog. What a wonderful creative collection she has now! She lives on the Isle Of Skye in the UK. I was excited to receive a card from her (and glad I had gotten mine in the mail already!). You see it pictured above. Below is the reverse side. I love the spontaneity of it and all the colors! Even the back was interesting to me because of the post mark on it. She confessed it isn't a real postmark but is one she created especially for her postcards. It looks pretty real though. I love it! She continued the star stamp on the envelope, too.
This is what I sent her in return. It was a bit too large to be a postcard, I cheated a little. But she liked it. I put it in an envelope and mailed it. I think that today is her actual birthday, so if you have a moment, jump on over and tell her happy birthday and take a look at her blog. She lives in some beautiful country and that beauty is reflected in her art work.
The sun finally came out here and I was able to wear shorts for the first time this year and sit in warm sun. Felt pretty good. Back to 20% chance of rain tomorrow so I better get out and enjoy the sun while I can. Been listening to the music from the show Into The Woods, a Stephen Sondheim musical. I love it!

I hope you all have pleasant weather, not too hot, not too cold. Be well.
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maggi21 said...

So glad you joined in with Emma's card exchange. I certainly don't envy her having to make 50!. I saw yours on her blog and it is so lovely. I've been in shorts as well today, makes such a nice change.

Marilyn said...

What a great way to celebrate an event!!

Carol said...

This is a cool event!! I liked her card to you. Very cheerful. But your card to her was just the coolest ever!!

sonja said...

i love the card you made for Emma! i love all things horses!! your card is full of motion and color!
last year i had a major birthday in July and decided i would keep all my cards pinned up for the whole month! everytime i came around the corner i was bathed in the kindness of friends who celebrated ! celebrate daily i say!

sjmcdowell said...

Hi Jan!!

Oh WOW SUN!! YIIPPEEE! I am so glad you could sit outside for awhile and enjoy the sunshine!! OMG it is sunny and soooo HOT!! I have never lived in a state that is TOO HOT that I can't sit outside during the day!!
Anyway...I love the post card your friend sent you from Isle of Skye...BTW I have been to the Isle if Skye..I will have to post some pictures I have when I was there..a very beautiful island!!

Jan I love the card you sent back to her. I also love horses and this is again is another beautiful piece you have created!!
Your art has taken a turn in the last 6 weeks I noticed and I love all of it!!

Hugs, Smiles and Sunshine!!


Emma said...

I have had such a great birthday & thanks for a wonderful write up! I certainly feel a big personal achievement in making 50 cards, but the gift in return of beautiful artwork from 50 people in 7 countries will last forever - I will somehow mount or stitch together all the cards so that I can see the messages on the back when I want to - it will go in my diningroom so I see it everyday. Right now they're propped up everywhere!

Marlene said...

Both the card you received and the one you sent are wonderful works of art.

Anja said...

I just sit in front of my laptop and I am marveling, hope that the right word for it, I love this horse, such a nice idea for a birthday card! I will have more often a look at it.

Mariann said...

Hi Jan..... what a nice idea.... it's like a print exchange..... how fun!
And thanks for your nice comment on my new blog look, believe it or not, am still very very chuffed with it....
I think I need to get a life :o))))

Robbie said...

What a great idea! And so nice that you participated! I'm sure Emma really enjoyed your piece too! It was delightful!!

audrey said...

What a magical name for a place to live ~ Isle of Skye.
The post card Emma sent you is so very beautiful, and the one you sent her is amazing. What a fun thing to do. I can't manage to finish one simple little art card ): in a timely fashion, yet alone do 50 post cards. Unbelievable! They are all beautiful.
It is 95* today, Jan. This is about week 3 now of high temps and I am beginning to melt.....
♥ audrey