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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Spit Happens!

Whatever you do, don't click on this picture.

When spit happens, it tastes real bad.

I mean, really really awful.

You didn't click on these, did you? You'll be sorry, it is so gross!! Poor girls, it's like having...oh, never mind. You get the picture.
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Marilyn said...

I just can't get over the dental issues!!! LOL!! What a mouthfull!!!
Great Post!!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Oh my gosh----that first pic is just absolutely hilarious!!! Well, unless you are on the receiving end of, ummmmmm, you know.
I still love your llamas, but maybe from a greater distance!


audrey said...

Yow! Now that is some ugly spit! I could not imagine being hit with that. I think I would make darn sure they loved me before I got in their way.
But I still think they are cute.
Great photos, Jan.
♥ audrey

Jan said...

Marilyn, you didn't click on the picture did you? Ha ha, those poor girls, when I saw their mouths hanging open like that I had to run out and take their pictures after having posted about them a couple days ago. Ick!

Jan said...

Audrey, I swear they have never spit at a human, not even when we had to catch them and load their unwilling bodies into a trailer and haul them here. But stay out of their way if they are spitting at each other!

Bunny said...

Amazing capture LOL. Gave me my first laugh of the day. Thanks.

Martha Bright said...

I think they need to floss....