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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bells and Elves

This is my doorbell. More aptly it is my gate bell. My yard is fenced and since I have Pit Bull dogs people don't like to come inside the yard, they are afraid of being licked to death or beat with a tail. So I found this cool bull bell at a (what else?) garage sale. It has a lovely tone.
If that bell doesn't get our attention, try ringing this one. I have a rope hanging off the gate with this big bubba on the other end. I will hear this one even if I am out in the field, half a mile away.
We have these little gnomes around the property, hiding in the moss and trees, keeping their eyes on things. I appreciate the help.

Be well.
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Queenmothermamaw said...

Love that bell. I have a bell handmade called a Noah bell. It is a sheep bell made in India. It is one of my favorite things from the Abby of Gethsemani.

Marilyn said...

Love the vintage bells!! Hey.... Love the Gnomes.... My fairies are due back this spring. They were smart & left for the FLorida Keys for the Winter!!LOL!!LOL!!
Happy Valentine's Day!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

The bells are beautiful Jan. I love the weathering on them, how they sort of blend right into the natural atmosphere.
I am still blown away at the beauty of the mosses you have there....I would be going berserk with the camera and taking samples... <:)


Jan said...

QMM, bells are fun, so many different tones. I always ring my big one, which is from a Catholic school, at the stroke of midnight at the beginning of New Year.

Jan said...

Marilyn, my gnomes might have liked to travel to Florida or more likely Mexico, they are growing moss here in the rain. Valentine happiness to you, too!

Jan said...

Anne, I am planning a moss post some day, when I can gather enough decent photos of moss. After my attempts so far I can see I need to take my tripod along to get some clear close ups. Which means I must wait for a dry day.

Fox On The Run Meanderings... said...

Got to see this gazing ball (alias bowling ball) on Tues. and it is beautiful! Thank you, Jan for showing us the alcohol ink on dominoes also. That was so fun! I am enjoying looking at your blog. You should have done this a long time ago.

April said...

Love your bells, Jan! I'm not scared to go into your NOW, but when you had all your other PUPPIES...yep..I'd have to say, "I wouldn't touch that gate with a 10-foot pole!" But that's just the I-hate-doggies in me saying that. :0D I LIKE Rocky!!!