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Monday, February 22, 2010

More Nuno felting

Finally I got the results I was looking for. This time I took two very light little silk scarves, each about 34"x 5" (see below) and put some colorful roving on them, and rolled them up and felted. Above is a close up with the finished scarf hanging in the window with the sun shining through it.
Above are the two silk scarves before I laid the roving on and wet it all down, slightly felting enough so it would stick together. Then I laid the two scarves end to end with some extra roving on the overlap before I rolled the whole shebang up in my bamboo mat to do the final felting. I wanted a longer scarf than just one of the silk pieces would have made.
This is more like what I was striving for in the first place. I love the other two pieces I made but this one is more wearable. I want to do something with that gorgeous first piece I made a couple weeks ago, but it is too thick and stiff to wear as a scarf. This is a very lightweight decorative scarf, drapes beautifully.

This is our last day of expected sun. It has been so wonderful to have this spring respite from the cold dark wet winter. The daffodils have begun blooming, the robins flocked to the freshly mown lawn, and the birds have been singing joyfully. Tomorrow we expect to be back to rain.

Listening to Greg Brown today.

Be well.
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Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Turned out great Jan!!! You could alwasy make warm slippers out of the first piece, if there is enough....
Overcast and rainy/damp here. Pffft. They are talking about snow tonight. The bright spot of my day was seeing a male cardinal in the yard, so bright and red against the muddy backdrop of winter yard.
Still rearranging the studio and throwing out junk.....
Winter, and junk, never end! LOL!!!


Jan said...

Thanks Anne. I will likely do something artier with the first felt. Cut it up, make a wall hanging out of some of it, maybe turn some into a purse.

I'd love to see one of those Cardinals. We have some strikingly beautiful birds around here, but no Cardinals.

Don't overdo the clean up and wear yourself out too much!

audrey said...

Beautiful scarf, Jan. I know nothing about felting. Whatever you did, it certainly came out looking really pretty. I like that it is light and airy.
You are right about the humans ~ just think how peaceful this earth would be if there were no humans. Obviously, God had something else in mind.
I really enjoy seeing the things you make. It's like a little surprise every time you post something.
♥ audrey

Jan said...

Thank you, Audrey. I am very pleased that you are enjoying seeing the things I make. Like a little surprise huh, I'm so glad:-)