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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Garden Art

Fabby Dolls (my newest follower, welcome!!) was asking me about alcohol inks and how to use them. You know what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words so here is another use I have made of them. An old bowling ball washed up in the last flood so I covered it with aluminum foil and then sprinkled the foil with alcohol inks and spread the inks around with blending solution. This piece of redneck garden art sat out in the sun all summer and this is what it looks like today. Still retains quite a bit of color in spite of the sun and rain. Not as bright as the day I made it but still pretty good.
In case you haven't figured it out I am a dedicated garage saler, recycler.

Be well.
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Tangible Threads said...

I think she's beautiful. I love seeing recycled art in any fashion but mostly in our gardens. All the items just seem to fit in, don't they? Very pretty indeed! Tammy

April said...

So how come I haven't seen this before? It's beautiful, Jan! You are so cleaver, and creative! Wow...I'm gonna go out and check it out on Tuesday when I get to be there. I'm also gonna bring my dominoes, just in case you have those alcohol inks anywhere close at hand...and NO, I'm not very subtle. :0D

Marilyn said...

Still looks great & I love the whole repurpose idea!!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

LOVE this Jan! Can't believe that is a bowling ball, but it sure gives me impetus to look for one when I am at Goodwill!!!
Always wanted a gazing ball....knew the weather here would send it flying.
Now, a bowling ball? If it blows that hard, we don't need to worry about the ball!
Love it!


Jan said...

I see my neighbor has an old bowling ball sitting on top of a fence post. I keep thinking I should kype it and foil and ink it and put it back. Its funny how many bowling balls come down the river in a flood. where do people keep their bowling balls that they get caught in the flood waters?

Approachable Art said...

Jan, this is so much fun! I almost wish a bowling ball would wash up in my yard! LOL

Jan said...

Judi, don't wish for that because it would mean you were surviving a flood! Now that I think of it, I am sure there are other ways to get a bowling ball besides buying one.

Fox On The Run Meanderings... said...

This is such a beautiful piece. It is one of my favorites that you have done.

Fabby Dolls said...

Hi Jan! Thanks for posting the picture - you are funny, "redneck art". The ball looks wonderful. Where is it now???