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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Blue nuno felting

I had to jump in and make another scarf with this nuno felting technique. This time I used a smaller piece of rayon fabric and less roving. This one measures about 45" X 6" and is much less thick. I decided to add a bit of embellishment to the ends with some fluffy yarns, that put a nice finishing touch on it. I have sent it off to my SIL as a birthday gift. I hope she likes it.
I got a tip from Ro Bruhn over at . She has done nuno felting before but has only put the roving on one side of the fabric. I will try that next, making sure I have a piece of fabric that I really like and want to see as it would definitely show. The fabric in these two pieces of mine does not show at all.
Be well.
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April said...

Oh, my goodness, Jan. This is beautiful. I don't know if it's just because it is made with my favorite colors, or what....but it's lovely. Okay, which SIL is getting it? Robin, Rene or Beth. Hmmm, can't imagine who wouldn't love it.

Martha Bright said...

Beautiful colors!

Approachable Art said...

These are very cool! Makes me wonder if it could be done in white and then hand-dyed? (You know where my brain is always leading me lol).

Gerrie said...

Gorgeous colors! Thanks for pointing me here.