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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Quilting my style (Lazy)


I wanted to make a quilt using some pretty horse related fabrics I have been saving (hoarding) for years now.  Above shows not the main fabric, but a secondary one.  I love the colors in it as well as the green and violet Laurel Burch fabric that was my main choice.  Above shows how I begin my crazy pieced blocks.  I start with a 10 inch square of some cotton prints that I don't like.  I put a wonky cut piece of the main fabric approximately in the center, then I begin stitching strips along the sides in a sort of log cabin style.
Except I'm stitching and flipping the strips as I go, right on to the base fabric.  Sometimes I have used as the base, squares of batting, but the fabric stays squared up better.
Above shows one block completed.  I trim as I go, and end up with a 10 inch square block.
I have a pile of strips cut to various widths, mostly 3/4 of an inch to 2 1/2, and choose what ever size and color seems to be the right one.
Here is the pile of fabric I cut strips from as I need them.

Thirty blocks finished.  Now to sew them together.
I just butt them up and zig zag them together, two at a time, trying to keep them even.
Then I straight stitch strips down to cover the zig zagged seam.  After I have pairs stitched together I stitch rows together until they are all sewn into one big piece.  Blocks are still 10 inches so this top is 50 X 60 inches. 
Not quite big enough for a quilt and awfully busy so I made some borders to put along the sides.
Not really much less busy.  Used mostly my hand dyed solids for these stitch and flip strips on top of a base fabric.  I made two border pieces, each 60 inches by 10 inches, then cut them in half lengthwise to make four strips, 5" X 60".

I put 5" squares of the horse fabric in the corners.
This is the back of the quilt top showing my waste fabric squares. 
Since the quilt top is so well stitched to the base fabric, I decided not to traditionally quilt the top but to tie it instead.  I'm trying to use up my huge stash of fabric so instead of batting I used an old flannel sheet, and I pieced together some rayon for the backing.  It is soft.
Close up of the rayon challis prints on the back.
This is the gorgeous Laurel Burch print I have been hoarding. If you look closely you can see the little tie thread on the horse's neck.  Next photos show some close ups of the prints I used.  Love that color way!

So now it is finished.  On to the next one.  

Merry Christmas to you all, hope you have a safe and healthy new year.  Are you making any new year resolutions?  Picking a defining word for your intentions?  I intend to keep making quilts and other art.
Be well.


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Good Morning
I save just about all scraps. This kind of scrappy quilt block fascinates me and I am sure there will be one in my future.

No resolutions. The only resolution that I ever made and kept was to write each and every check I wrote into my check register. Of course that was a long time ago when we actually used CHECKS! Now I charge everything and send one payment via EFT. Life got so easy, lol.

Every year for approximately the last 10 years I have pondered over selecting one word to focus on. I like your description...defining my intentions. What a joke since for me it is usually forgotten in 90 days. But since you asked, I thought about it for about a minute and realize that I DO have a word to define my intentions and I'll tell you what it is next week on the blog.

Much love and good health to you, friend.
Merry Christmas.
xx, Carol

Patty said...

Wonderful fabrics! Thanks for the made it clear to me
for the first time.

Linda Wildenstein said...

Lovely tutorial and gorgeous fabrics. I have two quilts in progress that I will finish after Christmas. I always look forward to being able to do projects during the lull between the Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas/ rush and the springtime activities. One quilt will be from all the Guatemala fabric I have been hoarding for 20 years and the other is a memory quilt for my daughter from bits from her life. Both have been waiting for too long to be enjoyed.
I love the joy of the fabrics you have chosen. They are so beautiful and I know you enjoyed the process and will enjoy the product.
Much love to you in this holiday season. I hope all you wishes and dreams come true. xoxo Oma Linda

Robbie said...

What cool looking quilt!!! Should make you or the recipient quite happy! Merry Christmas and the best to you in the new year!

Corrine at said...

Nice and colorful just how I like it. Really nice work Jan. I hope your holiday was wonderful. Ours sure was. Take care and keep those pup toes warm. Ours are a bit cold at the moment. xox

Tanya said...

Congratulations on a great finish! You have a one of a kind Quilt that's for sure! And look at all that fabric you got to use!

mimilove forever said...

Hello lovelies and thank you for popping by my's relief to know I 'm not talking to myself too! :D
GORGEOUS quilt...and can never be too busy in my book! Love that Laurel Burch print too!
Happy New Year to you! :) xx