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Saturday, December 2, 2017

Self portraits

Today I'm sharing some self portraits I have made over the years.  The one above is one I created in a Laly Mille class I took online this year.
I used the same self image that I had used for this one which I created in a group challenge years ago.  It is titled Wind Tangled.
This is the photo that was my inspiration.
Here is one from an art journal, a more whimsical rendering.
My most recent self portrait is one I have been using as my Facebook badge.  It came about because I feed the crows every morning on my walks.  When I get to the fence where I put food on top of the fenceposts I call them. "Crows!!  Crows!!  Crow-de-os!!" I yell. They usually come flying in.  So this one is a fantasy of me feeding them.  They don't really come to my hands and I don't really wear a skirt.  I do have birds that come to my hands.  Chickadees mob me at times, demanding a peanut from my pocket that I keep just for them.  Nothing sweeter than a little chickadee landing on my hand, trusting me.  Gray Jays and sometimes Pine Siskins have also come to my hands.  So fun!  If you look closely you can see my three dogs in the picture too.
 Finally this picture is not a self portrait but one done by my neighbor Gwen, the one who has the cows I share pictures of.  I just love this, she shows me on a walk with Windy, Roscoe and Gunnar in front carrying a stick, and me with my nose in a book.  I sometimes bring a book along to read as I walk if the weather is dry.  The dogs don't like it when I do this, they can tell they don't have my full attention, so I don't do it very often.  But sometimes it is hard to put a good book down.
I think that's it for now.  I'm planning another self portrait soon, similar to my Crow girl one but one where I am dressed more realistically in muddy boots and jeans.  Maybe.  We shall see.  Until next time,
Be well.


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Great art. I love my crows too. I have three, two strut around the end of the driveway snatching bread I leave for them while one keeps watch in the tree. They switch sentry to share the meal. Chicadee often land on Terry's chest while we sit on the deck by the feeders.

Love that picture of you watching your hair blow in the wind.
xx, Carol

Patty said...

What is it about crows? Love them here too. I believe crows respond
with intelligence and humor. I keep treats for them too.

Corrine at said...

Great self portraits and portrait all. Your neighbors piece with you and the dogs is how I picture you all strolling through the interesting landscape you call home. Thanks for the visit too! xox