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Monday, November 27, 2017

Come with me on a walk

 On my morning walk today I found this offering in the middle of the path.  They are hawthorn berries.
 Very pretty I think.
 The cows and calves were enjoying the quiet morning.  I love that huge cottonwood tree in the background.
 A few weeks ago when I was walking here, I heard a rustling rumbling sound coming from the forest and I thought "What is that noise?  The cows shouldn't be in there.  Sounds like a big animal, maybe an elk crashing through the woods?"  Then this huge alder tree came falling down, right where I had been about to walk.  I have never seen a tree spontaneously fall down with no wind or logger to help it.  It is on the neighbor's property and they have been working on cutting it up for firewood.  I like the way the red alder shows why it is named so.  When a fresh tree is cut up it bleeds red.
 This is a big old stump with new trees growing up out of it.  I climbed it once and looked inside, it is hollow.  If I ever have to hide from someone, I might run here and get in.  You might be able to see how the cows have rubbed on that long snakey root piece and made it all shiny.
 I love leaves.  This heart shaped one is a cottonwood.
But I love my little Roscoe Bean even more.  Who could resist this face?

Be well.


sonja said...

Thanks for the walk in the woods to observe and wonder.
Oh What a loving grin on Roscoe Bean! good to read you once more.

Corrine at said...

I always used to marvel when a tree crashed down, it was usually our birches, they were so fragile. But in front of me, never, good thing you were not walking there. Spirit saved you. Roscoe is a real heart melter for sure. xox

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

It was a wonderful and peaceful walk. Just what I needed after a hectic Thanksgiving weekend. So fitting that you end the tour with a great pooch pic. Love his little face too. Looks a lot like my Min Pin Harley.
xx, Carol

Patty said...

Ah, trees. They're very old souls. Love that sweet little grey
bearded face!

Linda Wildenstein said...

What a lovely sharing this is. Although the self destructive tree is troublesome. Thanks for sharing that sweet little face too. xoxo Oma Linda

Nancy said...

It's odd about that tree- it doesn't look like rot inside or anything. Who wouldn't love the lop-sided little smile on Roscoe's face??