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Friday, November 10, 2017

Around the farm

I'd like to share some pictures I have taken from around the farm.
 Above is showing a footprint I spotted at the river side.  It is a beaver track.  I was surprised at how large it is.
 I'll call this a trunklet.  Kinda like a bracelet except it is on a tree trunk.  Chicken wire was wrapped around the trunk in hopes of keeping the animals from nibbling on the bark but evidently it made a nice spot to rub on. 

 Cows like to rub on things.
I noticed the muddy spot under this fence post where there is not any similar muddy spot near other fence posts so I had to investigate the reason.
 I discovered this metal nail head or something that the cows have been rubbing their heads on for a good scratch.  It is worn smooth.  I find many spots on trees and posts that are rubbed so smooth and a nice patina on them from the cows.
 This is my neighbors tree fort.  The boys are grown and off to college now, sometimes the cows use it.  Somewhere I have a picture of 3 cows standing in it but darn, I can't find it right now.
 No question as to why the maples around here are called Big Leaf Maples!
Here is Gunnar gazing through the fence slats at this thing.  Anyone know what it is?
Neighbors cows have been calving this past week.  Here is Ruby and her little calf from last year.  I saw this morning that she calved another little white faced baby.  She is a good mom.
That is enough for today from around the farm.
Be well.


Corrine at said...

Nice shots. Cold here now. All my shots will be with down coats...32F and windy right now, arctic Canadian blast coming in. Even though our house is nice and toasty, I miss sitting in front of the big wood stove while the wind howls....xox

Linda Wildenstein said...

Your post made me happy as all get out. I love an honest to goodness share of real life. Be well, Oma Linda

Patty said...

What I huge beaver track! Had no idea they were so large. Your
place in the country is beautiful.

Nancy said...

Lovely photos. That beaver track is way bigger than I'd have thought. I had to dig a bit, but I was curious- the item in the photo is a Utina M pasture water pump cover.

Robbie said...

Always fun to read your posts...glad you are back at it! I'm a farm girl but I don't recognize what Gunnar is looking at??

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Good Morning. You are the second blog friend to post a HUGE maple leaf. I had no idea there were maples with such huge leaves. I have never seen a beaver, but was surprised at the size of the print. I know nothing about a cow's life, but was also surprised that a cow would find a nail on a fence to rub on, then tell all his friends to come enjoy the find, lol.

Love this post.
xx, Carol

Tanya said...

Nice to hear from you again and see Gunnar and the cows. WOW! That really is a huge maple leaf!