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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Random photos

Rock Stack

I use Picasa, a free photo program from Google, to play with my photos.  They are easily transferred to my blog. 
Pear with Leaves
                             It has many features, such as photo collaging. 

You can stack photos on top of each other and see them both at the same time. 

This one is not even adjusted, it is frost on my window. It doesn't need anything to make it more interesting.
This photo has nothing to do with anything, but I thought it was very hilarious. Not that incontinence is hilarious, but pairing it up there on the sign in the grocery store struck me as very funny.  Maybe persons suffering from incontinence read and write a lot?

It is raining here and we are under flood watch again.  Good day to stay inside and work in the studio.  I got the Tallest Man on Earth CD today so I shall listen to that and play.  Hope you all are also able to spend time with your art.

Be well.
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Karen S said...

Actually, incontinence is funny. As long as it happens to someone else. Ok, maybe not. I love the photo of the frost -- it looks like marbled fabric or paper.

Stay safe from the rising waters -- of any kind. :-)

Janet Ghio said...

The photo of the frost on your window is amazing!!

Lisa Criswell / Indigo's Beads said...

the pic of the frost on the window is very cool! lol. that is a funny sign.

Heloise said...

Some great photographs. Signs are often amusing there is a pub not far from here that declares it serves Sunday lunch every Sunday.
Happy creating.

Marlene said...

Great photos, I love the pear and the frost is amazing. Thanks for sharing the sign, got my chuckle for this morning.

dosfishes said...

Love those rock stacks. Making and looking. I didn't know PIcassa had those features, learned something new, now have to check that out. I heard you are getting 3-5 more inches of rain and flood watches are up. Hope you will be safe. xox Corrine

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

So naturally out of all the lovely photos and photo info, what am I looking at and laughing about?
The last one.
I really want to browse cards AND depends at the same time....OMGosh...!!! hahahahaha!
I'm awful.
Maybe there will be a time when I want to do both with little walking.
Seriously; the photos are gorgeous---I need to check out the picassa gizmos.

Your immature friend

Anja said...

I like very much the first photo, you played very well. The frost looks also great we don't have frost here on the windows, only when I was a child I knew it. And I had to laugh about the last photo, but it is not nice to have it, that we call humor, arn't we ;-)

April said...

I know it'd feel differently if I had to actually WEAR Depends, but the photo DID make me laugh!!! (Actually, I'm STILL laughing!) Thanks, Jan!

Nancy said...

Good photos.. I love the rock stack and the frost on your window. Hard to figure how the items in the aisle were paired!

maggi said...

Nice photos. I didn't realise that you could actually purchase incontinence!