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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Full Moon Fever

I think I have it. Full moon fever. Or maybe it is just the glass of wine I drank. When I looked up and saw this moon outside my window I really didn't think I could capture it with my little hand held camera but the picture didn't turn out too badly. It was great to have a dry sunny day today after all that rain. The dogs and I really enjoyed our walk even if we did have to wade through the creek to get out to the field.
When I was visiting my friend Mary yesterday she showed me these stones she found in a creek near her home. We can't figure out what they are. Do any of you know or have a guess? Evidently there were lots of them in the creek bed.
The holes seem to me to be man made. I'm guessing some kind of fishing weights, maybe hand made by Native Americans.
Or maybe not. I don't know.

It is my cousin Karen's birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAREN!! When you going to come out and see me? It is also Audrey's birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUDREY!! I hope you both had good days. I did. I hope you all

Be well.
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Carol said...

Interesting Rock!
Your pic of the moon is great. I have tried to take pics of the eclipse etc and I just can't keep the camera still. Did NOT know my hands shake so much! Its not apparent at any other time.

dosfishes said...

We are on the same moon page. Don't know about those rocks, but they are fascinating. I am sure someone in your neck of the woods will know. Dry and cold with snow on the way for tomorrow. Another 6 inches - then really cold for us - 1F at night for a few days. I guess I will just have to play and play in the studio! xox Corrine

artymess said...

I think those could be from spinning whorls the stick goes through the hole and it weights the spinning yarn I have made one froma potato with a pencil stuck in it ...the stick has a hook or guide in it to hold the yarn Im guessing it's for hand spinning ......this might make sense ...they are fab anyhow ...I love stones and I have baskets of them all over my house ...x

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Jan that moon photo is absolutely out of this world! I have tried and tried to get a good shot, and all look like a blurry blob. I give you a blue ribbon on that!
The rocks are very interesting; I would suggest collecting up as many as possible and if there is someone from the county historical society willing to make a visit, they should be looked at. My guess is time has worn a lot of the outer surface but the square inner section is still visible. Quite interesting and intriguing!


Marlene said...

Great photo, and yes it was good to get a break from all the rain. Had to laugh as on your group blog I also thought the stones could possibly fishing weights of some kind.

Janet Ghio said...

What interesting rocks-and your moon photo is wonderful!

yoborobo said...

Wow - I love your moon photo. I was dazzled by it last night as well. :) And those stones are amazing! I wonder if Lorna has figured it out? xox!

Linda in New Mexico said...

This Quiet Moon called to lots of folks on the blogosphere. She was gorgeous. This morning she had a blush to her as she said goodbye. We enjoyed her company at breakfast.
I am fascinated with the rocks as well. I hope you do find out what they are. I would also guess fishing weights. Hmmmmmmmm.
Have a fabu day, The Olde Bagg, Linda

Postcards from Wildwood said...

I photographed the same moon from southern England. She was a beauty! As for your rocks, they are fascinating, and the possibility that they may have been crafted by native Americans many, many years ago is wonderful. I hope you can find out what they are.

Tam Hess said...

Hi! Lots of people were moon gazing last night. :) Fun to read about it. Super interesting rocks....people have good ideas about them. Neato!

Robbie said...

rocks are really interesting! If they aren't stones that you should keep because of their true nature, how about doing some doodles or zentangles on them. I'm still trying to find a flamingo to doodle on for our friends house!

audrey said...

Hi Jan.
Thank you for the Birthday wishes!!
I, too, saw that beautiful moon last night and wanted to photograph it but couldn't get my DH to stop the car.
Your photo is great! Oh that beautiful moon ~ it sure grabbed the attention of many last night.
Those stones are fascinating. Let us know if you find anything out about them.
♥ audrey

sjmcdowell said...

Hi Jan,

Yes I saw the same Moon but a tad bit earlier than you...EST.

Those rocks are very interesting!!
I found one when I lived in New Jersey in the Ramapo mountains once. I was walking through a gully with loads of rocks and for some reason I picked up this one rock and when I held it I found that my hand and fingers fit perfectly around it, you could see the carved out parts for fingers and a tapered edge on the end.
It was a tool used probably 100's of years ago by the native Indians that had lived there once and it was used for breaking things up or grinding.
So maybe your rocks were made by people who lived there many years ago as well for some use or another that they had a need of.



Anja said...

Dear Jan please look at the blog from Beverly Ash Gilbert, you both posted at the same time the fullmoon what a coincidence. To your stones I will send you a little chant from native american citizens it is in honour of womens power and wisdom. ;-) Anja

Troy said...

What an interesting post. Knowing nothing about rocks, and even less about Native American culture, I don't dare even venture a guess, but I would love to know more when you find out.

Thanks for visiting my blog.


maggi21 said...

The moon photo is fantastic. I think they look like fishing weights but there again I don't know anything about fishing either!

Mary Fox of Fox On The Run said...

I've been enjoying reading the comments on the rock, Jan...interesting. We need to find an archaeologist. Always enjoy your blog. Saw the moon, too and it was just beautiful!