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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dooleybobber #11

Before I show you the dooleybobber I want to show you my table top.  As you may be able to tell, I have been working on various projects.   You can see bead work, card making, CD burning, my S&B project with chip boards, the dooleybobber, book making.  Blank books, not the other kind of book making where you need a bookie, heheh.

This above is the beginning of my most recent dooleybobber.  When I looked at it, I could suddenly see the loose black strands as hair.  I remembered that I had a paper clay face somewhere.  I found it, debated if I should paint it but I rather liked the stark white of the face against the vivid colors on the wool background.
The photo doesn't show the detail on the face very well.  I just used a mold that I purchased to make the face and painted it with gel medium as a sealant.  This piece really told me what it wanted.

Dooleybobber #11 or She Loved the Moon
almost 7"x7"

On my walk one day I realized the turquoise beads I had would look good as a necklace.
I had these little felt heart beads from my friend Anja that seemed to fit in well.
A bit of blue sheer fabric wanted to be behind one of the hearts. 
I recently bought some copper sheets, and cut one of them to serve as a moon for the piece.  Added a few beads here and there and some tiny star shaped sequins and there you have it.
 I have wet felted a couple of small pieces in preparation for my next dooleybobbers.  These are nuno felted to fabric.  The one above is on some cotton cheese cloth and the one below to some colorful gauzy rayon.  I'm looking forward to playing with these pieces.  You can get an idea of their size by the cutting mat behind them.  Fairly small.
Like any true Oregonian, I love this season of rain.  I also love the sun of course, but these warm rainy winter days are a part of my soul and I enjoy going out for wet walks with the dogs, then coming back to a cozy wood stove and a cup of steaming hot coffee.  Yes, I am a coffee drinker, not a tea drinker!  I'll pick Starbucks over the tea shop any day.  Not that I have occasion to go to either very often.  Sometimes I have herbal tea at night or maybe just a cup of hot water.  I drink more hot water than tea but there is no drink quite as satisfying to me as a good strong cup of hot coffee.  A bit of cream, please!  
I think we have skated past the flood waters this time around so I will sleep better tonight.  I hope you will all
Be well.
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artymess said...

Hi jan what is a dooleybobber?....i love the colours and textures..i ahve finished your heart will be in the post today hopefully...x

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Jan,
Wow, now I've seen my first dooleybobber!
Thats a creative, unusal piece of art! I like it.

Emma said...

Love No 11 (& I'm not even too scared of the face!) Great pic of stone stack & especially the frost on the window.

I'm just making a sketchbook for a 10 week printmaking class - a small signature per class/homework, perhaps.

dosfishes said...

Good news on the flood potential, coffee, yes, strong and with cream, need it after those wet dog walks. Thanks for sharing your intuitive process, always fascinating how the work speak if you only listen, we must be on the same page today. xox Corrine

Marlene said...

Love #11, just might be my favorite so far. One question however, what did you use to adhere the face the felt?

Nancy said...

Really enjoyed seeing how your piece developed. Wonderful! And I took comfort in your work table space... mine is so similar!

Jan said...

Hi Marlene, To adhere the face to the felt, I drilled 3 or 4 holes at the top of the face and then I used my hand felting needle to poke more roving through those holes into the felt beneath, thus holding it together. No glue. It seems to be quite well attached.

Lorna, a Dooleybobber is the name I have given to this series I have been working in. They are all rather abstract embellishing on a needle felted or wet felted base. A sort of doodling.

Karen S said...

Very cool stuff you're doing. And I love seeing shots of your "stuff" -- it's always interesting to see other people's work surfaces. A good kind of voyeurism?

Anja said...

Hi Jan, I have now very long studied this post first your table, (smile) and the development of the doodle is really interesting. Only as you wrote it I recognized oh these hearts have come from me, you refined them! Your doodle really tells a story and the face is amazing how you have made it. I love to visit your blog, feels so homelike and being connected with you. You encourage me to make myself a doodle. I will try to do at least one this year.
And I love the coffee from Starbucks also very much, in America we always wrote it into the Navi to find the next one. The best thing is you get there the coffee with soymilk. Here in Germany we also now have several of them in town. But here I am more a teadrinker and I used also to drink a lot of hot water. Do you know grain coffee that's my favorite at the evening, of course with soymilk. Have a nice cup of coffee!! Anja

Tam Hess said...

You've inspired me to go take a walk. I need to embrace this rain. :) I did get to see the sun today. You? Love your post and all the things you are working on. COLORS ARE AMAZING!

Robbie said...

Now we know why you are so creative! It's not a messy's a creative table! And YEA for Starbucks. Actually, I'm hooked, hooked, hooked on their instant coffee! Never thought I'd say that about instant but Starbucks instant decaf is the best! love the white chocolate mocha's but i only get those once a month.

audrey said...

Hi Jan!!

Love the look of your work table. It is nice to see so many projects that you are working on. It is a happy, colorful table!

Your latest dooleybobber is great! You sure do come up with some fun and interesting designs! I really really like the colors in the last photo ~ can't wait to see what you do with this one.

How nice that you enjoy walks in the rain ~ a nice hot cup of coffee is soothing after being out in the damp weather. I like both coffee and tea ~ just depends on the mood. In the summer, I drink too many iced coffees. LOVE them!!

The stacked rocks photo is really nice. Amazing that can be done with rocks. The photo of frost on your window is SO beautiful. I would like to see that one framed!! It is definitely a work of art!

I have my sister and b-i-l here from Ohio for a couple of weeks and trying to stay caught up on Michael DeMeng's class. Just not enough hours in the day!

♥♥ audrey

maggi said...

Another lovely dooleybobber. I love the colours of the piece of felt in the last photo.

April said...

Jan, another great dooleybobber! And thanks for talking us through it. I appreciate hearing your process. I really like #11's necklace, too! Very chic! More than that I LOVE the shot of your table (work in progress.) Even when your 'stuff' is all spread out, it still looks artistic! How in the world do you do that. Mine always looks...well....messy and disorganized! And no matter how much 'stuff' I have out and spread around, I still can't find what I really need. At closer inspection I see you really DO have a lot of things going on at one time. Yikes! Maybe you're not as organized as I think! Teehee! Can't wait to see you Tuesday, my friend!