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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Journal making class

What does the above photo have to do with a journal making class you might ask? I'm just showing you what we woke up to on the morning of the class.  Snow!  It probably doesn't look like much to you people who are used to snow but around here, things grind to a halt when it arrives.  Practically, anyway.
So instead of 10 people at the class, there were only 4 of us, counting me.  That was fine though, really.   For my very first teaching gig, 3 students were plenty.  April generously allowed us to have the class in her house (Thanks, April!) and we had plenty of room on her big table.  She also put out snacks, and one of the other students, Charlene also brought some banana bread.  Good snacks!  Thanks!

Jan, April, Charlene, Cathy 
I taught a basic, one signature book with the end papers glued to the front and back covers.  I wasn't teaching journaling.  I wanted to show how easy it is to create a hand made journal.  We started sometime after 10am and finished easily by 2pm.  That was with lots of talking and laughing too.  Oh yes, and eating of snacks.

Charlene's book 

Cathy's book

April's book

We all intend to do more work on them at home, I'll show you mine later after I finish embellishing it.  For now it looks pretty boring.  I think everyone is jazzed about the possibilities of these simple books.  Easy to make as gifts or for yourself.  I'll show some books I have made in another post, some of them I have posted before.
Thanks to April for hosting, Cathy for coming the longest way (clear from Portland!) and to Charlene for attending (and bringing snacks! don't forget about the snacks!).  Maybe we will do it again after the weather is better so those people who had wanted to come can do so.  Until then, 
Be well.
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April said...

Jan, first of all, thanks for posting! Secondly, thanks for giving us the MOST excellent class on making a hand-sewn handmade journal. Your directions were clear and precise, not to mention that you provided all the materials to make our journals. Thanks for stamping the papers that I used for the inside front and back covers, too. I think it's awfully nice of you to offer us another class for the many gals who were afraid to venture out in our snowy weather. We'll make a plan soon about that. I will ENJOY that class, too. It was such a treat for me to GET to be a participant, in such a fun project, instead of the director (like normal). Thanks SO MUCH for that, my friend. You are a keeper, indeed!

audrey said...

Awwwww, I want to come to the next class!!!!! It looks like it was such a nice time ~ being with fellow artists, snacking, creating, snacking, learning, snacking, laughing, snacking....
If things EVER calm down around here, I MUST look into finding an art group. I did make one contact to no avail. I will try again.
The journals look great. It will be nice to see yours once you post it along with others you have made.
Great photos, Jan!!
♥ audrey

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Okay, this is so weird---this post JUST SHOWED UP in my dashboard! I mean, WTHeck is going on w/Blogger???? (I know, it hates me)
The journals are beautiful and obviously you were a good teacher with the finished results that are posted.
Hope you are having a warmer day than I am......or at least without snow.


maggi said...

Great journals Jan, they look like they had a good time. And some one is obviously enjoying the snow!

Anja said...

Looking forward to see yours, I can see at your faces and your selfmade journals that has been a nice day for you all together!

sjmcdowell said...

Hi Jan,

Your Journal class sounds like everyone enjoyed themselves and the journals are all so pretty! Oh yes Snacks are always a very good thing!!!

I look forward to seeing your finished embellished journal!
I'm a sucker for journals!!

Not going on our trip this week!
Bad weather here and will be bad in New York and New Jersey by tomorrow. Postponing till next week and we will see then if we go or not!

Hugs to you,


dosfishes said...

Where were you for two days, it just showed up here too! Smaller group, but you got quite a bit done in a few hours with laughing and snacks! If it makes you feel better we are getting 1-2 feet of snow tonight?
Instead of chopping and spitting it will be shoveling and plowing. Work never ends.....stay safe. xox Corrine

Marlene said...

All the books look beautiful. I would love to have been in that class.

Heloise said...

Looks as if you all had fun. Hope the snow is not causing too much disruption.

Perlenkatze said...

I'm looking forward to see your too, Jan.

Belive me, when ever we've got the first snow over here and we are used to snow, it means a pur chaos on the roads. o^o
Lot of hugs Gabie

yoborobo said...

Jan - I wanna take your class, too. I will bring snacks, I promise! The journals look beautiful. Isn't it interesting how different they all are from each other? Sounds like a fun day was had by all. I am giving a writing workshop (in the evening) in cold dreary February. If 2 people show up, I will be very grateful - haha! I had better have SNACKS on hand. ;) xox

Mary Fox of Fox On The Run said...

Jan, the journals turned out great and I think you would have done a great class for 20! I know what you mean, however, 4 is a good place to start, especially knowing a few already :>))