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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Recently I have been....

 I first want to thank you all for kind comments on my last post, especially regarding the self portrait of me and the scarf I was gifted.  Maybe I should become a fashion photographer, ha ha. Amazing how using a prop like the hat can add to the glamour of a photo.

I have been working on a beaded heart.  This is what I stitch on, a piece of felt.  I will cut all the background out and then use beads and picot stitch to attach the back piece of felt. 

I also made this little needle felted brooch.   I have given it away.

And I finally made a back for my sister's queen size quilt and sandwiched it all up to baste.  I laid it out on my deck to do the pin basting, the day before the rain came back.  I wore knee pads so I wouldn't wear out my knees.  It is quite tiring to do this!  
In my last post I forgot to show this picture of the framed post card that Audrey sent to me.  Cute, isn't it!

When I bought chicken scratch for the birds recently it came in a woven fiber bag instead of the usual paper bag.  So I made this strong tote out of it.  I cut off pieces of the bag to make the handles.  It sewed up quite quickly and easily, I want to make more of these.
Here is another picture of the bag, and my new dog, Sadie.
 My neighbor Gwen saw this old dog wandering down our road a few weeks ago.  She stopped to look at it since she didn't recognize it.  The dog began to approach her with a hopeful expression but when she saw it was not her person she ran off.  Gwen saw the dog a week later, still on our road.  The rain had come by then and she determined that the dog was homeless.  She said it took about 20 minutes to entice it to her car, and she brought the dog home.  The next day when I went to Gwen's she showed me the dog and I took her home with me.  Gwen's 3 dogs were not so happy with a 4th. 

She is an old Golden Retreiver, I am guessing she is about 11 or 12.  She seems in perfect health and as though she had been well cared for all her life.  She and Rocky get along like old friends.  Not a problem at all.  I named her Sadie.

You can see she is still rather tense, she hasn't quite settled in here.

Charlie cat doesn't much like her yet so he has taken refuge on Rocky.  Good boy, Rock!   It is nice to have two dogs on the walk again.  Sadie is sweet and I'm glad to have her a part of my family.  No owners have responded to my "Found dog" ads so she must have been abandoned.  She has a forever home here.

Be well. 
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Robin Olsen said...

Such fun pieces you are working on. I want to see the quilt upright--it looks really beautiful (I almost forgot how miserable all that pinning is--guess that's why I haven't done one for a long time). Love Sadie--what a cuddly bear.

yoborobo said...

Aw, Sadie is a real sweetie. :) I'm glad she made her way to your house. LOVE the new pieces, Jan! So pretty - xox Pam

sjmcdowell said...

Hi Jan,

Ahhh I Love "Sadie" what a sweet expression on her face and her belly up means she feels quite at home!!

Please post a picture of the quilt for your sister once you are done with it...looks lovely from what I can see of it so far.

Ohhhh Ahhh another heart pin and a brooch as well. I really so want to buy a heart pin from you...pretty please???

Love and Hugs,


Linda in New Mexico said...

Sadie is very lucky to have found a loving home and a friend in Rocky. Charlie is probably like my Sunny......a cat and time is a whole nuther thang for the feline critters. How sweet of you. The Olde Bagg

Lisa Criswell / Indigo's Beads said...

i especially like the moon charm on your beaded heart. the whole thing is pretty. i'll bet your "giftee" of the pin was happy to receive it from you. what a wonderful person you are to take in sadie and make her part of your family. she will be very much loved. charlie will come around. cats are a little finicky and set in their ways, i think. that quilt sure does look like a big undertaking! i definitely don't have the talent nor the patience for that! will love to see pics of it when it's done.

Carol said...

I love all the work you have shown here. But, sorry, my heart is so happy that you have given Sadie a home. Not many would. That seems to be all I can focus on after reading your post.

Janet Ghio said...

Your beaded heart looks like it will be wonderful. I love the photo of your cat sitting on your dogs head!! Very cute. and lucky Sadie to have found you!

sonja said...

Your new furry member is a very sadie to have crossed your path.Charlie looks like he is posing "this is my dog" accordin to the cat rule of EVERYthing here is mine! by his pose.
my smallest adoption was a 7 day chick(i am a lady of dozens of those things, already ) the largest adopted fur member came in the form of abandoned,aged former polo horse from Parker Ranch, Wiamea,BIg
island of Hawaii.her name was SKY HIGH at 17and one half the tallest horse i have had since high school my offical first grey mare thorobread and blind as a bat. off and on.(moon blindnesss common called)
gotta say i love that feed sack tote you got something good going!
whole post rocks and your felt is so colorful and heart felt

aloha from da chicken ,painter,quilting island lady

Marlene said...

Love the heart and brooch. The postcard from Audrey is adorable. Sadie is a very lucky dog to have found you, it is kind of hard to tell if she is settling in or not (lol).

Perlenkatze said...

Dearest Jan,
Sadie looks like she is a darling. On this on picture with the blankets, she looks like she's finally home.
I adore your brooch. it looks like it got the face of a hedgehog, really cute. I love the Idea of making a bag, it's so cool. You just inspired me :-)
The beaded heart is gorgeous.
Unfortunatly, I barely can see much of your quilt. :-(.
I hope you had a stressless weekend.
Lot of Hugs

Elena said...

What beautiful creations! But the beauty of your heart outshines everything-bless you for taking in Sadie.

beadbabe49 said...

Oh, what a lovely busy week you've had! I love sadie and your cigar box is amazing! I've had the pleasure of meeting cameron...I'm so glad you won her looks so good on you!

Martha Bright said...

Sadie is one lucky gal. But I am sure she heard, through that underground railroad that animals have, that you would give her the best home. You are on a roll with the beaded hearts! Beautiful work. And you seem to have a way with giveaways. Cool picture with the scarf. Looks like an album cover.

Sweetpea said...

You are a ***saint*** to adopt an old dog and I believe that that beaded heart should go to YOU ~ it takes huge heart to welcome in these elders, as we know they will leave us so soon....

p.s. luv the way you used hexies for those stacks!

audrey said...

Wow! Another beautiful beaded heart and brooch. I know nothing about quilting, so all the work involved in that back piece is beyond me. Would like to see your sister's quilt up close. How nice of you to do the backing for her.
Sadie has found a wonderful home ~ so kind of you to take her in. I bet Rocky is very happy to have a companion.
Your tote is a very good idea. You've been one busy gal!
♥ audrey

artymess said...

Sadie is beautiful and a lovely companion to handsome Rocky I expect Charlie will come round .......xx

Anja said...

Dear Jan,
when opening your blog I was very charmed by your new knitting works. A look at the quilt showed me wow a lot of little pieces, what a nice present for your sisters! And ok you are also creative with the bags you get at the store, great!
Have a wonderful week also with your new fellower Sadie, I can imagine she feels very well at your place.

Robbie said...

Needless to say, I'm about five days behind in blog hopping! Love Sadie!! I'm so glad she now has you as her 'owner'!!!! She'll have a great home!!! LOVE, LOVe the heart pin you're making!! Hope you enjoyed the weekend!

Emma said...

Lucky Sadie & what beautiful things you've been making! I had such a good trip, & would love to have taken a friend around! But I also found peace in a busy city where no one knew me, quite refreshing ;) You make a great model!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Crossing fingers....
Holding breath.....
Jumping in circle on one foot....
Please post.....♥


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Happy dance, happy dance!!!!!
Now I can't remember what I was going to say---oh, Sadie looks right at home! Good for her!


Karen S said...

Yeah -- Sadie looks pretty nervous -- like she's about to lick you to death!

LOVE the beaded heart!

Karen S said...

The quilt is pretty too.

maggi21 said...

I love the pieces that you are working on. Looks like the quilt has gone together well. Thanks for sharing the photos of Sadie - she is a lucky lady, even if Charlie doesn't agree at the moment.

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

What a beautiful sweet looking old dog! So glad you took her in and so glad Rocky was so accepting, and reading an later post Charlie paws is coming around! How wonderful!