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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cigar box and gifts

A couple of weeks ago my friend Mary gave all of us in our creativity group (we call our group Stitch 'n Bitch, or S&B in polite company) a cigar box and issued a challenge to alter it any way we wanted. We all revealed our creations at our weekly meeting on Tuesday.  You can see the other boxes on our group blog  Fox on the Run Arts

I'm going to show you my box here.  I forgot to take pictures of my process, dumb me.  First I collaged colored tissue papers and some music sheets on the box, and painted a glaze over all.  I glued some colored cheesecloth around the sides and brushed a little gold paint on it.  I made all the mosaic pieces out of polymer clay by stamping into it with rubber stamps, then painting the pieces after they were baked.  

I glued the mosaic pieces down with regular gel medium. 

I used painted wooden beads for the feet. I am quite happy with the results and want to do more of this type of construction.  I have more boxes and some cans that would be fun to alter.  Maybe they would be good Christmas gifts.  Hummmm, that is an idea.

This week I received in the mail an ATC from my friend Audrey at  Isn't it beautiful?  She painted it and added little seed beads around and stitched faceted bugle beads for the eyes.  They glimmer rather like real dragonfly eyes might.  Sorry the photo doesn't do justice to this piece, too many shadows.  It is lovely, thanks Audrey!  She also gifted me with a cute framed vintage postcard that shows little sunbonnet type children raking in a hay field.  She said it reminded her of me after she read my Making Hay blog post last summer.  It is very nice, sorry I forgot to take a picture, maybe I will show it later. I feel very special that Audrey thought enough of me to gift me spontaneously with these gifts.  Thank you, Audrey!  I'm so glad we have gotten to know each other.  I believe Audrey was my first follower.

I was very fortunate to win a fabulous giveaway from Cameron at
She gifted me with this stunning nuno felted scarf!  It is large enough to be a shawl on me.  I am in awe of it!  It is a very beautiful and generous gift.  She asked for a picture of me wearing it.  I was so shy to honor that request that I put off blogging about this gift.  I finally realized that was why I wasn't blogging so I bit the bullet and snapped this photo in front of my studio.

Below is a better photo of the scarf.  You can see the reverse side a bit there at the top of the photo.  Look at those gorgeous colors!  Looking at this photo now, I think they are a bit too bright, the actual scarf is more subtly colored.

Here is a close up showing how she added bits of lace and machine stitching.  It is a very special scarf, and warm too.  I am using it more as a shawl, really.  Thank you Cameron!  She lives in Oregon too, perhaps we will meet IRL someday.  Be sure and check out her blog, she makes wonderful unique felted garments.

After receiving these generous and lovely gifts, and several other wonderful gifts I have previously blogged about, I am feeling a desire to have another giveaway myself.  Stay tuned for that, it will be for one of my beaded hearts.  Until then, be well.
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Laume said...

Beautiful box, beautiful gifts - gorgeous scarf. I've won a couple things recently in blog giveaways and I really need to get a studio blog post up about them. So much to do, so little time, same old blah blah excuses. I like the pic of you btw, it looks very film noir.

audrey said...

Hi Jan.
Your cigar box is great. I really like the colors you used and the "hand" tiles, the words "magic" and "indulge in art". A very special box, indeed.
The scarf is stunning. It looks like a lot of work, especially with the lace and all weaved in there. The picture of you wearing it looks like a photo out of a magazine ~ worthy of hanging in a gallery. Seriously. You look like an Indian showcasing her scarf. I think it's a great photograph.
Glad you liked your gifts, Jan. (:
♥ audrey

Carol said...

Hi Jan
Love your cigar box. Very creative and I am headed over to see the rest of the groups work.
You are so lucky to have a group to gather with and share your art.

What a wonderful gift the shawl is. And so beautiful.

Marie S said...

That cigar box is gorgeous Jan. You did a wonderful job on it.
That Dragonfly is just amazing. I love it.
You look great wearing that scarf Jan, wonderful picture.
Beautiful work, what a great win.
Love and hugs Jan.

artymess said...

Jan the box is great and you look stunning in the scarf .....quite the fashion shot ....Vogue next methinks ....xx

June said...

Hey Jan, good to hear your voice and see your fun project. I've got you bookmarked, so I'll keep checking in.

Anja said...

Dear Jan, that you got the scarf is really no coincidence it fits in its colors perfectly to you, arn't that also your favorites? Do you know what I like also very much beside all the nice presents and the very creative box you handicrafted, your hat! Wow I like the whole photo you could put it into a journal for creative fashion, very good shot!
huggles Anja ;-)

sjmcdowell said...

Dear Jan,

Yes indeed you will have to keep following me....I hope you will win one of my Giveaways someday!!
I agree wholeheartedly with you that the best gift is our friendship!! We both have won already!!!

Oooooh I really like your cigar box you did an awesome job on it and I bet it looks even cooler in person!!
Audery's ATC is wonderful!! I love the Butterfly very much!
You look absolutely cooler than cool in your very cool scarf...Great Hat too kiddo!!!

Talk to you soon!!

Love and Hugs,


Marlene said...

Love the cigar box, I have fun with decorating boxes to store my stash in. The dragonfly from Audrey is gorgeous and that scarf is beautiful. Very wonderful wins indeed.

yoborobo said...

Wow - Jan! I love your box. Nicely done. I love the message, too. Gorgeous shawl! Why are we women so reluctant to have our photos taken? I seriously have issues with it - lol!! I love your little dragonfly, too. You are raking it in, sista. xox Pam

Heloise said...

I like what you have done with the box. The shawl/scarf from Cameron is lovely, lucky you.

maggi said...

Fantastic transformation of the box Jan. These will make lovely gifts. The nuno scarf is really beautiful.

Linda said...

Great works of art here Jan .... your box is amazing and so beautifully embellished! I adore the scarf and you look totally fab in the photo. Like a model!!!

Robbie said...

Wow! Wow! and Wow! Great blog the scarf! The cigar box! The fiber card!!! wonderful!

Flowermouse Design said...

Oh Jan - I´m totally in love with your box. You´re so creative - and the photo of you and your scarf is so cool!!!!! Gosh you have so many creative talents!!! Big hugs!!!

Bunny said...

What a wonderful photo of you just beautiful, you and the scarf love it you lucky girl. Well you know I love that cigar box too you always use my favourite colours just gorgeous you tallented friend. I could spend the day here on your blog. The beaded hearts I am pining over etc etc. You are very inspiring.