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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Beaded Heart Giveaway

 Hello my lovely followers!  I feel so fortunate to have met all of you!  It has been such a pleasure.  Many of you have expressed much appreciation of the beaded hearts I have made so I have decided to give one away. 

What must you do to win one?  You must leave me a comment, telling me why you should win this heart. Oh, and you don't have to settle for this heart although you may.  The winner can choose to have me create a heart especially for them, with their choice of colors and maybe a charm or a button.

Anyone care to comment?

 Be well.
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April said...

Jan, please don't include me in your drawing, but I just had to comment about this beautiful beaded pin. I just wanted your blogger friends to realize that as beautiful as this is, the photo just does not do your artwork justice. I have already been blessed with a beautiful fushia & purple beaded pin that Jan made for me on HER birthday. It is on my jacket and since I started wearing it I have had numerous compliments on it. Jan, does fantastic work! So get all your comments on here!!! You're gonna WANT to be the winner!

maggi21 said...

Please include me Jan. I just love the colours in this one.

Heloise said...

I admire the patience and skills that you have to create such intricate pieces of work. Should I be lucky enough to win a heart it could be one of my hearts that I am trying to make or gather together each week over this year.

Carol said...

Gee Jan, I really don't have a reason why I should win. But I like the pin! But since you want a reason why I should win, hows this:

This morning I woke up to a dreary cloudy day. The garage door wouldn't go up due to an electric outage. I tried to pull up the door manually but gave up when I broke a finger nail. I decided to walk to work. A truck went by and hit a mud puddle splashing muddy water all over me. My hair was drenched and fell in strings in front of my face which caused me to miss seeing a branch at the side of the road which I tripped over and fell to my knees. With blood dripping down my legs, I continued on, bound and determined to get to work on time. Finally I arrived at the front door, which was locked. What!?! Then I remembered, this is Veterans Day. The office is closed.

How's that? Did I win ~lol~

yoborobo said...

Drat. Carol has a really good story. Maybe she should win the heart. She went through all of that AND the office was closed. She needs a heart to cheer her up, unless, of course, you want to give ME the heart because I thought of others first. Heh? I am diabolically clever, I know. ;) xox

Bunny said...

Oh my please pretty please count me in. Your work is gorgeous.

Janet Ghio said...

I would love to win this heart! Do I deserve it more than anyone else? Probably not, but it would be wonderful to have a piece of your artwork!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I already have a heart but I just want to comment on how lovely this one is; you have a dostinct style and these turn out soooo good!
Whoever wins will be as happy as I am with mine.....and that is HAPPY!!!


Karen said...

It is a beautiful heart so of course I, like everyone else want it! I wear my heart on my sleeve so I don't really need another one but THIS one would go to my mom. Because of all the amazing mom things she has done in her 78 years!

Marlene said...

Lots of good stories here. Hum why I want to win. Well I really would love to own a piece of your artwork and would purchase it, but you are not selling it anywhere that I can find sooooooo, you see in order to own a piece of your gorgeous work I would have to win.

audrey said...

Hi Jan.
The heart is known as the symbol of LOVE ... if I win, this heart will represent the love and joy shared among all the friends I've made through Blogging.
♥ audrey

Linda in New Mexico said...

Oh my, one does get intimidated when reading all the other reasons why someone else would like to win the heart.
So my reasons are: this is gorgeous and I'm an Olde Bagg and we all gotta have heart. Okay how about Be of good heart and I need this one? or Heart and Soul I fell in love with it. Or my fave.....your beaded heart, will tell on you...(sings an Elvis impersonator).
Okay, I'll stop. Please enter me to win, The Olde Bagg

Emmy said...

thank you for the nice comment on my blog I see here your beautiful heart and it is a give away the one that get this wonderful gift will be very pleased and maybe just maybe
love Emmy

Lisa Criswell / Indigo's Beads said...

wow, carol's post sure is a compelling reason why she should win!

for me, it's simple. i really love your art work and would be so honored to have this beautiful heart. i love the colors, and i am especially drawn to the moon charm.

so please count me in the running to win this gorgeous moon heart!

Perlenkatze said...

I adore you beaded hearts as much as most of you creativities. I wpuld appreciate if I could win one.

artymess said...

Jan you betcha I would want to be included in this giveaway ...The only reason why I should be the worthy winner of your wonderful heart is that I would love and be honoured to wear it ...your artwork is exquisite .....and this reason is sraight from MY HEART ....xx

Marie S said...

Well, I should win the heart because I deserve it and it should be a sacred one. I would settle for the one that is already there though.
I shouldn't enter becasue I already have a bunch of hearts that are on the wall hanging I won, but I could wear this one and it could go with me when I go someplace.
I tried to wear the wall hanging out, some people looked at me kind of funny, even though it look mar-va-las dahling.

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Jan,
Gosh, you've been very busy while I was on a short break.
I lurve your latest pieces of art with the heart and beads.

How special you're sister must be to put sooo much work into her quilt.

How special are you taking in Sadie. She looks like she has real personality and was meant just for you!
Have a creative Weekend,

sjmcdowell said...

Hi Jan,

Jan you have one of the biggest hearts that I know and I am so very happy to have met you here in Blogland. To have an opportunity to receive a small piece of your heart would be wonderful. I may not win this little beaded heart...and that would be ok. To me your friendship is what warms my heart.

All this may sound corny....but for me it comes straight from my heart.

Please add me to the list and thank you!!

Hugs, Smiles, and Warm Hearts,


dosfishes said...

Oh jan, I am at wild heart teacher training and I would love to win such a wild heart as your beaded one to accompany me on this new painting journey. Xox corrine

Robbie said...

Gee, I don't honestly have a good reason for why I should win! Other than I'm just so fond of your work and I love this heart piece! It is beautiful, Jan and any of your followers would love any of your art work.

Anja said...

Dear Jan,

I just pass by to honour your heart, one of the many beautiful hearts you have handicrafted. Me I will not take part, just already falled in love with the one you gave me.

I love to come to your blog!


Elena said...

You are such a generous soul. What a beautiful creation! I was going to say I want it but change my mind and think Carol should have it.

But I also want to ask you about feathers and salt. Anne said you've done this to kill mites. Any special instructions? Huge hugs and bless you for sharing your creative gift.

Deborah said...

WOW! This is one of your prettiest. Love! Big Love. Deb

P.S. Carol's story was great.

Alexiev said...

Fantastic heart...

Best wishes from Buenos Aires...

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kasthurirajam said...

wow..............beautiful heart