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Monday, May 24, 2010

Natural Hearts

The heart wood from this stump is gone but the heart itself remains.
Here is a definite heart shaped leaf from the Wild Ginger Plant (Asarum caudatum). Unrelated to its Asian namesake, various native and European wild ginger species provide a similar but more subtle flavor. Wild ginger is thought to have antibiotic properties, and Native Americans used this plant to treat headaches, intestinal pain, knee pain, arthritis, indigestion, tuberculosis, colic and as a general tonic.
I am always eager to find the flowers which grow so close to the ground they can't easily be spotted if you aren't searching for them. They look so exotic to me. Definitely worth the effort to find them.
Our weather continues to be cold and wet. The wild plants are thriving, the forest floor is covered in greenery, especially that Miners Lettuce which I am still picking and eating. The good side of this weather is that I am still spending time in the studio, too wet and cold to be out gardening much. Plenty of little garden plants started, some, like cabbages and lettuce are planted out and doing all right. I'm sure if we got a bit of warmth they would really take off. It is a battle trying to keep the slugs out but the copper strips are helping a lot in that area.

I want to send out a welcome to my new followers.  I appreciate your signing up to follow my mutterings and photos on here, I am always surprised to find someone new.  I always appreciate comments, and have been trying to reply to everyone with a private email.  If you don't have a link to your email then I leave comments on my blog.  Thanks to everyone for taking time to write!

Today I'm listening to Andrea Bocelli for a change.

Be well.
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Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Jan,
What a lovely nature walk looking for hearts you had!
Great photo's.

maggi said...

Beautiful photos Jan. I just love the tree stump. I think my slugs have learned how to pole vault the copper strips but at least the very hot weather here is keeping them at bay a little.

yoborobo said...

Hi Jan! Beautiful photos! I love the stump. :) And I didn't know copper strips worked! We get some gigantic slugs here and they eat heartily. Happy Monday to you! xo Pam

Elena said...

Great photos and wow what a cool flower! I'm a relatively new gardener so that tidbit about copper strips is useful and I'll have to research more.

Jan said...

Elena, I have a roll of copper screen that I cut one inch slices off of and lay those around vulnerable plants, or even totally circle them, really keeps the slugs at bay.
Evidently it reacts with the slugs touch to produce an electrical shock that repels the slugs. Good luck finding some copper that will help you. Thanks for stopping by.

Marlene said...

Jan the photos are awesome, especially love the stump. I didn't know about the copper either but will definitely give it a try.

Carol said...

Its amazingly creative to go into the woods and be able to spot anything naturally heart shaped.

You are very observant.
Great Pics too.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Love the stump! Isn't it amaxing how they become beautiful forms as they begin to decay?
We have wild ginger here, though I think our blossoms have a little less of the tendril at the end of the petal. I always loved their leathery feel....
Sure wish I knew how the Indians used it for arthritis---there is some down the road that would soon be here being brewed.
lovely post--the photos are excellent!


Robbie said...

I learn so much from you! a wild ginger plant!! how cool!! I'd love those leaves to work with as I'm sure you already have! Wonderful pictures!!! So glad you share them with us!!!

sjmcdowell said...

What a wonderful post Jan!

Your photos and discriptions are so uplifting. I can almost smell the plants and soil. Great idea about the copper netting.

Thank you,


Deborah said...

Love the stump! Very cool. Congratulations on WINNING from Tristan! Looks like a lot of fun coming to you in the mail. **kisses** Deb

Ces said...

I love this post. The sight of the flower is so thrilling.

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

What beautiful heart shapes! The flower is stunning............I can see it felted and stitched :)